Monday, November 16, 2009

December 2009 LDS Primary Sharing Time Helps and Ideas

Gospel Art Book Joseph and Mary Travel to Bethlehem

Monthly Theme: My family is blessed when we remember Jesus
Monthly Scripture: “I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he
shall stand at the latter day upon the earth” ( Job 19:25).

Week 1 Jesus was born into a family.

* Get some baby pictures of different primary children. Gather information on how those children were born. Show the primary children these pictures and tell the stories. Let them guess who the baby is. Tell them you have one more story of another precious baby. This baby’s mommy had an angel visit her and the man she was going to marry. An evil king wanted this baby killed. This baby had 3 wonderful and powerful men travel from a long distance by camel to give him gifts. This baby had a cousin his same age. This baby had younger brothers once he was grown. Etc. (Have Christmas story clues as well as actual family clues of Jesus) Have pictures to describe the clues. Our Savior’s birth was quite different from ours, but we can follow His example and try to live our lives like His life and be great like He is.

* In the topical guide (p.246 & 247) are the categories “Jesus Christ, Family of” and “Jesus Christ, Firstborn”. We know the story of the nativity, but what do we really know about Jesus’ earthly and heavenly family? Have a drawing of a baby in a manger (to represent Jesus) on the blackboard. Divide into groups and have them look up this in the topical guide. Give them a few minutes and then invite each group to write by the manger things about Christ and His family. To give younger children an opportunity too, have them share things they know about the birth of Jesus to add to the board. (Drawing a picture of a sheep or Mary would be wonderful!) If any children feel the need to criticize art of younger children, it is your duty and responsibility to kindly remind them that primary is a place for all friends to feel safe and loved. The beauty of art is in the eye of the one looking at it!

* Sing Christmas Bells (CS pg. 54). What else would the bells tell the world about Jesus’ birth? Handout paper bells to the children and give them each something different to draw about the birth of the Savior. For example one child draws the angel speaking to Mary, another child draws the cow or sheep that were in the stable, another draws the star or shepherds. Have them all come up with their bell drawings and figure out the order they should be in. Gather up the bells to make a special Christmas book for a primary friend that hasn’t been there in awhile.

* Have 8x10 sheets of white cardstock for the children. Show them how to write large block letters for the word FAMILY. For younger children, just have it already on the paper for them. Sing The Nativity Song (CS pg. 52). Have children draw pictures of the story of Jesus’ birth to his family inside each of the letters. Have them share when finished! Make a sample for them to get ideas from.

Week 2 I remember Jesus when I partake of the sacrament.

* The link of all links for this week can be found here. Thanks Sister Spectacular… I mean Sister Ashton!

* Have a large paper sacrament trays. Have little paper pieces of bread and cups. Have the children come up with ways to remember Jesus or things they think about during the sacrament. Each idea they come up with, invite them up to put a piece of bread or cup in the tray.

* If possible, arrange some rectangular tables to make one big table for the primary children. Carefully place teachers by children who might easily become distracted by the different setup. Have some pictures of the last supper on the table for the children to look at. Have the children share what they think it might have been like during the last supper.

"At the Last Supper, the early Apostles joined the Savior in singing: “And when they had sung an hymn, they went out into the mount of Olives” (Matt. 26:30). And as we sang each sacrament hymn, the words would be impressed upon our hearts because we had actually sung them. Heavenly thoughts come to your soul when you sing the heavenly music of the Church.” (David B. Haight, “Sing!,” Friend, Jul 1994, inside front cover)

the children share favorite stories of Jesus or request reverent songs to sing. Encourage the children to ask questions they might have about the life of the Savior and then encourage other children to answer.

* For Senior Primary, have them look at the sacrament songs in the hymn book. Have them look up scriptures from the bottom right hand corner of the song. Have them look at the words on the upper left hand that describe how we should sing these songs. Then let the children teach you. Have them share anything that they feel impressed to share after reading and pondering these things. Remember, it’s called sharing time for a reason….

Week 3 Remembering Jesus helps me choose the right.

* Sing Every Star is Different (CS pg. 142). In verse 2 it says, “I can help another to learn to choose the right.” Have popsicle sticks with stars glued to the top. On the back of the stars have numbers. Let the children come up and choose a star. Have 10 different scenarios for the children that correspond to the numbers on the stars. After you tell them the situation they have to decide what they would do. Also ask if anyone can think of a similar experience from the Savior’s life.

For example, A close friend from school is having a birthday party. Not just any birthday party, but a space themed party and everyone who goes will get moon rocks. The party is on Sunday. Can anyone think of a story about Jesus and keeping the Sabbath day holy?

* Bring in a bean bag for the children to pass around like reverent hot potato. Have the pianist play Choose the Right Way (CS pg. 160). When the music stops, whoever is holding the bean bag will have to have to tell about a story of Jesus from the Gospel Art Kit picture you hold up. Have about 10 different pictures. Then they will have to tell a choice they will make this week that is a good one.

* "Remembering" is key to this activity! Make a memory matching game! The trick is to have a picture to represent a story of Christ, a scripture or quote to go along with the story and then an additional match with a phrase like “I choose…”.

For example have a picture of Jesus calming the storm, the scripture Psalms 107:29 “He maketh the storm a calm, so that the waves thereof are still.”, I choose to fear not.

* Ask a child to come to the front and find a small hairpin that is in the room. After a minute or so have another child come up. It’s pretty impossible to do so without help! We need a map! Hand the child a map to find the hairpin. Remember Christ and His example is a map in our lives that helps us make good choices and find happiness!

Week 4 Jesus will come again.

* Have a child come up and hold a rock. Ask the primary what will happen if the child drops the rock? It falls. Have another child come up and demonstrate. There are things we know without any question that are going happen. Just like we are certain and know Jesus will come again.

* Learn the 10th Article of Faith song.
Give the children popsicle sticks to learn the melody and move it up or down as they sing. Challenge a child to come up and be a dictionary. Have them hold a dictionary. Ask them the meaning of words in this article of faith that are big. Display GAK 238 The 2nd Coming and have the children share what they think it will be like when Jesus comes again.

* Show the video segment of Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin from Special Witnesses of Christ. Have a nativity with scriptures, songs and questions attached about when Jesus will come again. The first time He came was amazing and so the second time will be!!

* Interesting Fact: “The Lord deals with this people as a tender parent with a child, communicating light and intelligence and the knowledge of his ways as they can bear it. The inhabitants of the earth are asleep; they know no the day of their visitation. The Lord hath set the bow in the cloud for a sign that while it shall be seen, seed time and harvest, summer and winter shall not fail; but when it shall disappear, woe to that generation, for behold the end cometh quickly.(Joseph Smith, Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith Compiled by Joseph Fielding Smith, p.305)