Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Will Follow God's Plan For Me LDS Primary Song Helps

The Plan of Happiness
(From Margaret Lifferth, "Sharing Time: The Plan of Happiness", Friend, Jan. 2005, 14)

* To review this song, have the different sections of the plan of salvation cut out. Click HERE for the sections pictured above. Invite a child to come to the front and arrange in the right order- and see if they can do so before the end of the song. For older children, make this more complicated by having them arrange on a table only using their chin or elbow.

* This song almost has a march sound to it. Invite a child who has been singing extra boldly to hold a picture of the plan of salvation. Have that child choose 3 primary friends who have also been singing super. They will "follow"(the 3 friends) "God's plan" (the child holding the plan of salvation), marching around the room during the chorus.

* Have pictures of the children to hold up of themselves on the words, "I" "My" and "Me". This song isn't about telling others what to do, it's about what I WILL DO!! You can also review by having everyone sitting and then holding up their picture- when you do so up front, they need to stand up by their seat and march reverently in place and start singing, so basically it will start off soft with one or two children, then add up to the whole primary singing boldly. If it isn't feasible to have pictures of the children they can sure point to themselves on those words!! Or draw an I in the air (line down and dot it!) on that word!!

* Have different objects to represent lines of the song hidden throughout the room. You have to sing that line over and over again until the object is found!! Rotate different children to find the objects while singing... but if that child who is looking stops singing, then another person gets to come up!!
For example:
My life is a gift, my life has a plan, my life has a purpose in heaven it began
- a small wrapped gift
My choice was to come to this lovely home on earth, and seek for God's light to direct me from birth
- flashlight with picture of Christ taped to it
I will follow God's plan for me, holding fast to His word and His love
- scriptures
I will work, I will pray, I will always walk in His way
- pair of shoes
Then I will be happy on earth, and in my home above
- small globe