Saturday, November 1, 2008

Miscellaneous Finds on Gratitude

The church website has THE BEST resources!! In case you don't have the time, here are some links to stories, FHE's, Friend Articles on Gratitude.

31106, Family Home Evening Resource Book, Lesson Ideas, Gratitude, 192

"I am overwhelmed with feelings of thanksgiving. I feel so richly blessed of the Lord. I think no man has been blessed so richly as I have been blessed. I cannot understand it..." Gordon B. Hinkley
Want more, click here.

Elizabeth Ricks, “Two Little Words,” Friend, Nov 2007, 14–16
* Gratitude Journal Idea included

Pat Graham, “Sharing Time: Gratitude for God’s Creations,” Friend, Jul 1984, 37
* Pioneers who gave thanks

Margaret Lifferth, “Sharing Time: I Am Grateful for Many Things,” Friend, Dec 2005, 17
* When you scroll down, look at the Sharing Time Ideas 1 and 4, excellent!!

Elizabeth Ricks, “Sharing Time: Magnificent Promises,” Friend, Nov 2006, 14–16
* WOW! WOW! WOW! Thanks Sister Ricks!!

William Schlegl, “Thankfulness,” Friend, Nov 2008, 21
* A fun brain teaser for a primary newsletter.

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