Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update: Final 3 Requests

I Think When I Read That Sweet Story
Children's Songbook pg. 56

* Make mini-books (Books that can fit in the palm of their hand) for the primary children. Each page can have a picture to represent the words to help them learn the song and then reinforce.

* Make a large posterboard book and have the children come sit around you like it's story time when you sing. (The gathering round the knee would work best with a smaller primary)

* Bring in 10 books. Place them evenly on the floor. When the children know the words to the song, tell them about the "Sweet Story" meter. The "Sweet Story" meter is the books on the floor. One child will come up and walk by the books. One end is soft the other end is loud. Think of other opposite singing techniques you could do! Repeat the song! Have fun!

The Scriptures Can Lead Me to Jesus
By Clive Romney

* Make a little "journey". Have one child be the traveler holding a set of scriptures. Set up other children as road signs. Their road signs will have pictures having to do with the song to learn the words.

* Have a visual with a "scripture compass" in the middle (make it so there are spinners). Have other pictures to represent words of the song around the scripture compass. Children can spin and then sing the part they spun to.

* The scriptures are often referred to as the iron rod. The iron rod leads to the fruit of the tree of life which is the love of God. Look for special singers who know the words who can lead the primary with a special iron rod conducting wand. I'd paint a wooden dowel silver and put some glitter.

* This is a very fast song. If you have access to a metronome it might be fun to let the children choose some different tempos to sing to and have the metronome playing while they sing.

I Know My Savior Loves Me
By Tami Jeppson Creamer and Derena Bell

* Have the children take home a sturdy piece of card stock with the words "I Know My Savior Loves Me" to make a picture/word collage. Have them bring it back the next week. Invite children who are being reverent to take a testimony walk by these collages while you sing the song.

* Have two small groups of children (maybe 3 in each group). Dress up the first group as children in the time that Jesus walked the earth. Have them hold GAK picture 216. They represent the first verse. In the second group you can dress one child up as a teacher holding another picture of Christ. Come up with simple hand actions to help them remember the words and have each group demonstrate these actions.

* Have different pictures glued to popsicle sticks. These pictures should represent ways we know the Savior loves us. On the back will be a way to sing the song. For example you can have a cat - Jesus has given us animals to show His love. Sing softly. Mountain - Jesus has given us the mountains and beauty of the earth. Sing grandly and proud. Have quite a few for them to choose from!

* Give each child a heart sticker to put on one of their knees. The heart sticker can remind us that many people love us, but most of all our Savior! Have them tap the sticker with their hand to the rhythm or beat of the song as they sing.

Thank you for all your requests! A lot of the songs I wasn't familiar with and look forward to learning! These 3 songs will be the final requests I take. Much love to you all!


Tom, Brittany, & Girls said...

Love your website thanks so much!! I was just wondering, I am in charge of the activities, I really want to do one on families & maybe have a family member come with them, but don't know what else to do as centers? maybe you have already posted some and I can't find them, do you have any ideas?

Anonymous said...

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Megan said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Sister Brittany- What a pretty profile picture you have! I have general family activity day ideas posted under the left hand side label Activity Day or you can paste in
I'd have to know more what your activity day is about to give you ideas on centers.

Sister Megan- Thank YOU times a million! Beautiful wedding picture!