Sunday, May 17, 2009

LDS Primary Father's Day Gift

Bunched Crayons courtesy creative commons license by cavitt April 2009

I feel like sometimes I'm a little repetitive, but I can't say this enough. KNOW YOUR CHILDREN. BE SENSITIVE to their needs. If there is no father in the home, change the words to grandpa or uncle or brother!!

You will need:
2 large sheets of paper for the child to take home
1 copy of the poem/instructions
1 ziploc bag full of crayons
2 rubber bands
** Manilla Envelope to put everything in or stapled file folders.... you decide what's best so they don't loose anything!
**Another addition could be a couple of gummy fruit snack bags for them to munch on while they talk and draw.

Brief Explanation:

This is a gift designed for time with daddy. A special art activity that is simple and encourages more love in the home. When they get home they are to divvy up the color crayons between dad and child. For each crayon they pass out they have to tell one reason why they love the other person. After the crayons are divided, put a rubber band around the ones you've got and let the inner Van Gogh out! Trade crayons if you need different colors, just make sure to give more reasons why you love your dad!

Poem/Instructions (by Sofia Lykes May 2009):

One crayon can make a drawing,
simple, straight and nice...
But put a bunch together
and there's something to entice!!

My Father is real special,
a man of many gifts!
Capable and loving,
he inspires and uplifts.

I love my daddy dearest,
he's strong and full of fun...
His qualities are many
and he's second next to none!!

1. Go home and pass out one crayon at a time to each other. As you do so, say a reason why you love each other!
2. Put a rubber band around the group of crayons and let your inner Van Gogh go wild!
3. Display your art proudly! Express your love often!
4. Have a very Happy Father's Day!!


East Meets West said...

I love this! Someone just donated lots of crayons to our Primary, so this was a timely idea fo us - thanks!

krista jo said...

Thank you for your awesome and creative ideas! This is my first calling in the Primary and it has been so helpful to get my "juices flowing" via your blog :)

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Sister East Meets West- Thank you! God's timing is amazing isn't it!

Sister Krista Jo- How exciting to be in primary! I bet you will do a wonderful job. Keep those juices flowing!

gift to the Philippines said...

Cool! Thanks for guiding me through this. I will try to make something like that this weekend. Keep posting!


Anonymous said...

Do you have any fun ideas for sharing time for Father's Day? I love the Father's Day gift!