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LDS Primary Bulletin Board Ideas 2009

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I received a very nice email and thought I'd share.

" I love LOVE your blog. Thank you so much for all the help and ideas. I was wondering if maybe you could add a section for bulletin board ideas? I find myself in a slump and can't always come up with cute ideas for each monthly theme. Thanks so much for considering." -Sister Bessey, Primary Secretary, Sequim Washington

Wow! How blessed to have a bulletin board! My first thoughts in creating a bulletin board are these:

1. Will this bulletin board strengthen someones testimony in Christ?

2. Think about the children's needs. If you have a child that is ADD and the board is covered in neon patchwork with rotating pinwheels... you probably won't have them singing during singing time... And that's not their fault.

3. Will the bulletin board be an effective teaching tool?

Since the year is almost out, I'll just post a few ideas for July on out and anything extra that comes to mind. I love to see children's work and am not artistic hence most of the ideas rely upon the children. Post scriptures! Be creative! These are just starting points. Pray for help and guidance... it will come!

-July- I will strengthen my family.

* Call up the children and write down their answers to How can I strengthen my family? Type up their answers large enough to read. Post GAK pictures to go along with their answers.

* Have a large milk carton with the letter I on it. Next to it write "Do my family good!" Have milk glasses with responses from the children how they help strengthen their family. Scriptures and pictures of Christ can be put on additional glasses.

* Have different pictures of individuals from the scriptures that strengthened their family. Number them. Have the words Who can strengthen their family? posted. Have a pocket with slips of paper for the children to fill out who they think the individuals are. Also have an 8X10 piece of foil that will show their reflection (or simple hanging mirror)... because they too can strengthen their family!

-August- Temple blessings unite families.

* Have pictures of different parents who were sealed in the temple. (Be careful, you don't want to make any children feel bad!!) Or you could just do pictures of the different primary teachers and presidency members that were sealed there. Have each person pictured write a short testimony statement of how temple blessings have united their families.

* Have some of the older children do FOREVER poems. (Fills a Faith in God requirement) Give them a sheet of paper with the letters FOREVER and they have to start each line of the poem with that letter. (For example... F-Families can be sealed in temples. O-Our Heavenly Father is very happy when we make the choice to go to His temple. R- Reno, Nevada's temple is awesome and the best! Etc.) Post different pictures of different temples.

* Have different members of a family holding a paper chain. Post different scriptures on temples. Have a challenge sign up sheet for the children to sign. The challenge is for them to look up all the scriptures and memorize one!

-September- Prophets teach me how to strengthen my family.

* Have the children draw pictures of their favorite prophet and why!

* Have the children write letters to President Monson on why they love him and what a prophet is. Display the letters and a large picture of President Monson. Then send the letters to him! (For younger children, write what they say and let them sign/scribble their name!)

* Mystery Prophets. Do 2 a week! Cover their picture, read a short blurb/quote on something they have said about families and then reveal during opening/closing exercises.

* Make paper children and write your primary children's name on them. Put a little paper clip on the back. Have them all accessible for the children to interact with. Take a small pole with a paper prophet attached (Like a fishing pole) with a small magnet on back. Have a small path for the prophet to lead the child to a family and temple. While waiting to start primary, children who are being reverent can do this one at a time. Great way to encourage reverence! Of course have the theme and scripture posted too.

-October- “The Family: A Proclamation to the World” teaches me about families.

* Talk to the activity days leader. Have the activity days girls do a simple flower origami project. Display all their flowers and a proclamation. Post the words "Different flowers, Different families... One truth."

* Try to make the proclamation readable to little children! Post the words and pictures for words so the little ones can try! (For example in the May 2009 Friend there is a story on page 37 Jesus Christ teaches at the temple... it's a story but some pictures substitute the words) There is a technical term for this type of reading, but it's not coming to mind. Anyone? Anyone?

* Have a pumpkin family with the theme displayed. Have little pumpkins with quotes from the children about why they love their family.

-November- My family and I can serve others.

* Have a giant turkey. On the feathers write down the children's ideas on how their family can serve others.

* Don't forget the ward family! Have pictures from different auxiliary service projects!! Have a member from that auxiliary write a short blurb on what they did and send you something to put up!

* Make a giant illustration of King Benjamin and a few of his words on service and being children of Christ. Have children who are reverent come up and color the bulletin board while you are waiting to start.

* Have a large paper rake. Make paper leaves and put the children's ideas on different ways their family can serve. Have a paper family that can play in the leaves.

-December- My family is blessed when we remember Jesus Christ.

* Post a variety of pictures of Christ in a neat and orderly way. Post the theme. Simple.

* Have a picture of a child and a LARGE thought bubble. Children that are being reverent can come up and draw or write different ways to remember Jesus in the thought bubble.

* Have the words posted, "Heavenly Father's gift to us. Jesus Christ." then the theme. Have a LARGE picture of Christ. Make square gifts to put up along quotes from the children and children's family on how they remember Christ and blessings that have come from the gospel.

Extra Just for Fun:

* Post pictures and testimony statements from the children on things they've learned from Primary Activity Days.

* Have the children draw pictures to teach the song of the month!!

* Have some older primary children come up with an idea and make the bulletin board to fulfill a Faith in God service or talent requirement.

* Have the articles of faith posted and let the children (And primary workers) who can recite them sign their names by that article! Invite the Bishopric in to see if they can sign by any of the articles of faith.

* Have all the words to the song "I am like a star" posted. Then add stars with the children's pictures on them.

* HERE is a link to sugardoodle for 2009 bulletin board ideas.


Anonymous said...

It was so interesting how I immediately felt a strong spiritual strength from your blog and testimony throughout. Even though you were simply sharing bulletin ideas, I could feel your love of the savior! I'm so glad that there are people who care and love enough to share and inspire those around them to magnify their callings and help others to strengthen their testimonies. Thank you! You've not only helped to strengthen mine, but I've found what I was looking for on your blog! (: -Bekki

Robin said...

Any ideas for 2010 Bulletin board that can be used throughout the whole year, maybe changing out just a few things every so often???