Sunday, February 21, 2010

LDS Primary Follow the Prophet Song Helps and Ideas (CS p.110-11)

GAK 506

* School of the Prophets - Make a large poster board school. Have neat rows of different pictures of prophets. Maybe 10? Have children come up and choose a prophet to either sing a certain verse or have a "way" attached on how to sing. (Like an opera singer, super soft, sing while moving your arms in small circles, etc.)

* Choose a friend to be the prophet at the front. He/she does motions and everyone follows them while singing.

* Have a poster board. Cut 2 slits, one at the bottom and one on top. Have a picture of Enoch the prophet and the City of Zion, attach on a ribbon, thread the ribbon through the slits and tape the ribbon ends together. Make it so Enoch can move up and down. As the children sing robustly, have Enoch rise up to heaven! See where singing can get you!!

* Have a large sack and picture of Nephi. For each verse the children learn, put an arrow in the sack. Every time you see a child trying really hard or singing nicely, put an arrow in the sack! See how many arrows you can get! On the bottom of your picture have the words, “I will go, I will sing!!!”

* Make necklaces for the children. Have little papers with pictures to help remind them of the different prophets they are singing about. For example, you can have a picture of different plants for Adam, an Ark for Noah, a penny for Enoch because there was no poor in Zion, an ear for Samuel because he heard God speak his name… etc.

* Encourage older children to think of another prophet and write a verse for that prophet to share with the primary. This can fulfill a faith in God requirement under Developing Talents.


CharleeWonders said...

I love your Ideas! I just got called to Primary Song leader, and I am terrified! I'm only 21 and I know nothing about music especially having to teach it! Thank you for your ideas, they are awesome!

Kathleen said...

I like the school of the prophets idea! This would be a great way to choose which verse of "Follow the Prophet" to sing. All of these suggestions are great! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the ideas