Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!! LDS Primary Mother's Day Gift Idea

Wow. Really Sofia. The Wednesday before Mother's Day.... and you're just posting now?

I'm sorry.
I hope this can be of help to someone who perhaps may be in a last minute pickle.

Materials Needed: Paper, cotton swabs, yellow ribbon to tie around paper and lemon juice (small containers/paper cups for the lemon juice)

In primary have the children use the lemon juice and swabs to write a secret message/ secret picture to their special lady. Have them roll it as a scroll and tie with ribbon. Explain that they will need to go home with their special lady (mother, grandma, aunt, sister... whoever :) ) and put it by a toaster*********(See update) or candle flame to see the message! Make a practice one for them to see!

Have lemon bars or a lemon cupcake with the following poem for the children to take home for their special lady....

(By yours truly, Sofia Lykes... feel free to use, just don't sell to a publisher or say you wrote it because when we're in heaven I will ask/hint at Heavenly Father to use a taser on you as your punishment . Also notice it doesn't say mother, I just always go the safe route because I'd never want any little ones to feel bad if they don't have a mother at home)

A special surprise for the one I love,
The message is quite out of sight...
But add some warmth and soon you'll see
A small treasure for your delight!

It really is no secret,
You are the best around!
You make each day a joyful one,
Our blessings do abound!

Thank you for being the woman you are!
For turning life's lemons to sweet.
You fill my soul, you light up my life....
You make our home complete!

Or click HERE for last year's idea involving a date and some M&M's....

The toaster barely will work!!! The children and special lady will need to hold it carefully over a candle flame or use an iron!!!! Click HERE to see an example of what will happen. Sorry for the not so clear explanation!!!!


jaesi said...

You were reading my last minute in a pickle mind!
I love this idea. Im using it. the kids will love it!
Have you used it before? Will it work on regular printer paper?
And fresh lemon juice or will the bottled kind be good?
Thanks so much!!

lindson said...

I think this idea is so cute, however I'm having trouble getting it to work. Am I doing something wrong? I'm using bottled lemon juice and a q tip to write on regular printer paper. Then I'm letting it dry and holding it by the toaster. I tried a lamp too. What's supposed to happen exactly? Thanks :)

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

No one is doing anything wrong!!! MY APOLOGIES!!! I assumed any sort of heat source would work, but so much for the safe route!!!! It will need to be a candle flame or iron. Regular computer paper and bottled lemon juice will work.

Much love to you!!!!!!

Nancy said...

I am so thankful for creative and fun thinking individuals. I am a last minute person but I still like to put thought and effort into my lessons. I am so excited to do this with our children. Thank you Sofia for your thoughts and continuous creativity.

John said...

Awesome! Your excellent last-minute idea is just what we needed. Thank you!

Michelle said...

A hair dryer works too and is a little safer than the candle. Good luck y'all!