Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Dad - My Hero... A Father's Day Idea for LDS Primary

Super Hero Image courtesy creative commons license by kagey b 6/25/2007
I am in no way endorsing marvel comics by posting this image. Just wish I could look so cool in spandex.

Feel free to use the following and change (to uncle, brother or grandpa... know your children's needs!):
(By Sofia Lykes 2010)

Oh Yes my daddy is my hero!
He's a super kind of guy-
Amazing and fantastic,
Quite the apple of my eye!

He lifts me up and loves me,
He helps me reach the sky.
Everything is perfect
when I stick by his side!

Following the Savior,
in His footsteps all the while-
I'm grateful for my Father
who can always makes me smile!

Activity: Have a hero sandwich station!! Let the children choose from a variety of different ingredients to make their dad a special treat! (Not enough in the budget? Have the children make special coupons for their dad to cash in at home...a lunchtime picnic where the children are in charge!)


Cami Checketts said...

I have sharing time on Father's Day. Loving the superhero ideas. Thank you!

Davis Family said...

so what tune are you singing that to?

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Sister Checketts- Do you not LOVE your last name? Fantastic. Thanks for commenting! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

Sister Davis- I didn't really have a tune for it, although if you can figure one out, I'd love to know! It was more of a poem than anything, but honestly the more creative thinking the better. :) Have a happy Sunday!

kelly miller said...

Super sweet!