Saturday, September 4, 2010

Honor Our Covenants

Many of you, I'm sure, have heard about a tragedy that has struck in Visilia, CA. It is heartbreaking.

Sometimes we wonder, what can I do? May I encourage you to mourn, to pray, to fast, to send a card or to donate (only if you can).

The Sannar Family Trust Fund, PO Box 3328, Visalia, CA 93278 is where cards can be mailed. Let's overflow that mailbox with our love and support.

This is a site where you can get more information.

Never underestimate your power to do good. You have the opportunity to give comfort. Words don't have to be grand or prophetic, just a simple "You are loved. You are prayed for."

Our world is filled with turbulence. (Understatement)
 6 boys are now without a father.
 A mother is without the love of her life.
What will you do to help your sister and her children?


Anonymous said...

It was a totally different situation, but when we lost our sister, many friends, teachers and neighbours wrote us letters of appreciation and comfort. It was so helpful in the times of pain to read it and know that there was people there thinking and praying for us. So I thought that next sunday we can speak about our love for Jesus Christ and keeping the commandments, especially thinking in the commandment of serve other people (we are going to use D&C 20: 18-19 and Matt. 25: 35-45). Then we are going to speak about this family (many of the children know what happened), and write or color letters for them. I think that it is very important for the children to think more in other people.

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Anonymous- I'm so sorry about the loss of your sister. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I also believe it's extremely important for the children to think more of others and actually "do". It was a simple reminder to me to actually have my daughters draw cards also!! Thank you!!

Melissa said...

You are amazing. I want you to know I had you and your family in my prayers this past week as I thought of your sweet baby. Your testimony lifts me. Thank you.