Friday, October 15, 2010

Attention Master Scriptorians- Yes You!

(Image from February 2008 Friend Magazine, pg. 27)

Question: Are you semi forgetful when it comes to those good ol' mornings 10-60 years ago in seminary?
Question: Do you feel like you know the scriptures, but you don't really know them?
Question: How many scriptures can you recite from memory?

No, we're not playing 20 questions. If we were I would ask more creative questions as opposed to self reflecting.(E.g If you could compare yourself to one word, jungle theme, what would it be? I would say lush. Not because I'm a drunk, obviously... well, hopefully obviously- sometimes I do mumble and ramble, but because I enjoy diverse selections of literature.)

I digress though. 

My husband has always been able to ramble off scripture references and I finally decided I want to be cool like that also. A tool that has been super helpful is the seminary scripture mastery site:

I go on everyday and in the past month or 2 have been able to remember all the scripture references and key phrases for the Old Testament and 1/2 the Book of Mormon. It really is a great help in my quest to be more learned. Will I be a master scriptorian one day? Yes, I'll probably be dead but the Resurrection promises some awesome things. (Thank you T-Rex rides and talking to Kangaroos) In the mean time, I'll just try my best. I hope this can be of help to someone else too!

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