Thursday, March 24, 2011

Adapting Regular Teaching Ideas to Fit Gospel Teaching

Image courtesy The Mailbox.Com teaching site

This is an activity where children learning the different value and combinations of coins place real coins on the different sections of the umbrella.

How could we adapt this to teach different gospel principles? Let's challenge your brain because in all honesty watching Shedding for the Wedding isn't. (I am really entertained that there is a Wiki page for that)

My thoughts:
* At the top of each umbrella have the titles of different books of scriptures. Have the children write in the different sections of the umbrella the books within that book. (E.G. BOOK OF MORMON - 1 Nephi, 2 Nephi, Jacob, Enos... do you know your song??) There is safety from the storm in reading our scriptures.

* We have general conference in the spring.  At the top of each umbrella, have a picture of an apostle. Then have different facts about that apostle. Quiz each other and try to guess what apostle's umbrella you have.

* Scripture mastery as a family!! Make a giant umbrella on posterboard. At the top put what book you'll focus on. Then divide it into sections and list the different scripture mastery scripture references as well as a short summary of the scripture. Have children draw a picture next to it. (E.G. BOOK OF MORMON- Alma 37:35 Learn Wisdom in Thy Youth, then lil' Mo draws a picture of a child reading the Bible)

* Have a topic on each umbrella. Use the topical guide to find different references, then share. Or family members can just share a story from the scriptures that relates. Write down each family member's thoughts on the different sections of the umbrella. I would use umbrellas with words that relate to umbrellas, like safety, shelter, protect, wind, storm, sanctuary, rain, water...

A thought from Primary 4 Manuel:
"Show the children an umbrella (or pretend to have an umbrella) and a Book of Mormon. Ask how the two items might be similar. Help the children understand that an umbrella will not protect us from rain unless we open it and stand under it. Similarly, the Book of Mormon cannot increase our faith in Jesus Christ until we open it, prayerfully study it, and live its teachings."

A thought from General Conference 1999:
"The word righteousness is a most interesting and unique word. It is an umbrella word that spreads out and covers all the attributes of God. A person, then, who is righteous is Godly or Godlike." William R. Bradford
So then, under the umbrella write all the words that are attributes of God.

An umbrella is something to be creative with... it even says so in the friend HERE!!

Just take 2 minutes... see what you can think of. Our minds are meant to be used.
"But I'm not creative" you might say.
Get over it.
I am a tiger mother blogger who won't let you have any water or food until you come up with an idea.
Ok. I'm sorry. I will give you water.
And crackers.
I guess I'm not as tiger as I thought.

How can you use paper umbrellas to teach gospel principles?
There's no right or wrong answer!!
Feel free to share in comments.

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