Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gospel Leaves : A Simple FHE Game or Sabbath Day Activity

Image courtesy creative commons license by Andrea_44

1. Gather some leaves.
I used some paper ones I bought at World Market on clearance last year for 10 cents.
2. On the back of the leaves write 1, 2 or 3 in permanent marker.
3. Gather your supplies: A Gospel Art Book, Dry Erase Board/Marker.
4. Have your children scatter the numbered leaves all around your floor.
5. Choose a song to hum to while you pretend to rake up your leaves. Some excellent ones would include
 When Mom claps, pick up one leaf!
6. What's the number on back? If it's a:
1 - Tell a Gospel story using the Gospel Art Book
2 - Sing a favorite Gospel Song
3 - Draw a Gospel picture on the dry erase board and have others guess what it is!

Happy Fall!!

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