Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Jingo!!!

Hello! And Merry Christmas!! Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful time of year. I was super excited because we just got Microsoft Powerpoint!! Woot Woot!!! What does it boil down too?

Jingo is like bingo, but better because there are "clues" for the spaces.  J-I-N-G-O follows the same basic rules as bingo, except instead of playing with numbers you play with clue cards and pictures. A player chooses a clue card and reads the question. If the answer is pictured on your player card, cover it with a marker and choose a new clue card, and so on until someone completes 4 in a row. It's fabulous and we love it!

I made a Christmas Jingo (Christ Centered of course!) that we're going to be doing for FHE.You'll have to cut the call cards out and have a sack to draw them out of.

All pictures are from free clip art sites or

***Also, if you are OCD, you'll notice it's not perfect. Sorry. The black lines aren't exact... just hum George Michael's Careless Whisper to yourself and everything will be alright. I promise.*** Christmas Jingo


Shonah Melton said...

I really enjoy the way you put things over especially with a twist of humor. Thank you for sharing your knowldege.

Felcy said...

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