Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 LDS Primary Mother's Day Gift Idea

Do you ever surf the web (is that even what it's called anymore? I'm stuck in the 90's.) and see all the sites with the cute pictures and fancy backgrounds. Yeah. Sorry. I'm not willing to put in that much effort and time for what I deem "fluff". Not that "fluff" is bad, I actually really like fluff... however, it's just not my thang.

Take me as I am, thank you Brian Adams.

This is an activity for primary children to do with their "special lady". I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I don't think kids should ever feel bad on mother's day if they don't have a mother. BABESTER. Hence the "special lady" bit.

This is really easy and cheap to put together. For each child you'll need:
2 paper plates
2 popsicle sticks
1 poem/instruction sheet (print on cardstock preferably for durability)
1 balloon (not blown up!!)
1 small bag of Hershey Hugs (or kisses)
-Crayons and tape to decorate the paddles and a small clip to put everything together for the children to take home-

Explain to the children that this is an activity where they will hit the balloon with their special lady, and after 5 hits back and forth they'll ask a question to get to know each other better. Have the children decorate their paddles with their very best work! Put all the items together with a clip!! Hopefully this activity can bring some happiness to homes!

The poem is as follows:

My Special Lady-
You're so neat!
From you head
down to your feet!

Every part!
I love you so!
Thanks for helping
me to grow.

Back and forth,
ping then pong-
Let's play a game
it won't take long!

We'll share some laughs
We'll share some fun
We'll share some hugs
when we are done!
I did add a small attribution in the corner, hopefully it won't detract from the message. I just never want these things to be sold for money. God gives me ideas, I write them down, hooray for things that are free!

Hopefully you can just click on the image and print. If not, you can email me and I'll send you the file!
Happy Mother/ Special Lady's Day!!


Becca Cartier said...

Can you send me the file for the Special Lady game? I just tried clicking on the image and printing it out, butit sent my printer into a frenzy of printing your entire blog! ; ) Good thing my printer only held 28 pages of paper... I needed more scratch paper for the kids anyway. ; )

Thanks for all your ideas

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Hello Becca! I'd love to send you it, however I don't know your email! If you email me, I'll email you!!! lbumpasl(at)aol(dot)com or chulbakera(at)aol(dot)com


Betty said...


Anonymous said...

Hi can you email the Special lady game. Mine didn't work either.

Margo Morris said...

I would love the file too for the Special Lady game. Thanks a lot,

Marissa said...

I would love the Special Lady file as well please. Thank you! It is a great, fun idea for the kids to do with their moms.

Emily said...

Thank you for sharing this idea! Will you please send me the file ASAP I am going to have my activity day girls make these for their moms!

Tweeb and Danyette said...

I know this is really late notice but if you get a minute I would love the file for the Special Lady game. I keep trying to print it but it doesnt want to work. Thanks so much!

Hank Hendricks said...

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maria said...

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Anonymous said...

I think it would be great to offer this in Grandma, Mother, and Special Lady and let the kids choose which they want.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be great to offer this in Grandma, Mother, and Special Lady and let the kids choose which they want.

Anonymous said...

Could you email me your file because my printer doesn't like it either. It's Thanks

camillepeterson said...
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Sandhya Blogger said...

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Sandhya Blogger said...

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