Monday, May 14, 2012


What you will need:
Empty LIFE cereal box, bowl and spoon
Pictures of happy moments in life
Blue, Green, Orange and Red pom poms (3-4 of each color, 12-16 total)
Print out of John 17:3 & Questions

Opening Prayer

Attention Activity:
Show pictures of your happy moments in life. Read 2nd Nephi 2:25. Why are we here in life according to that scripture?

1. Put the pom poms in the cereal box.
2. Have a family member draw out a pom pom and put it in the cereal bowl. Whatever color they drew out, they need to follow the question sheet and answer or do what it says.
3. Next person draws out a pom pom and does the same until there are no more!

 I Lived In Heaven (All verses! CS pg. 4)

Final question:
What is life all about?

Bear Testimonies

Closing Prayer

LIFE cereal?? Perhaps LIFE cereal crispie bars??

Blue- What is the purpose/reasons of life?
Green- What are some good choices you can do with your life?
Orange- Read John 17:3 and see if you can do it by memory!
Red- Name something you like about the life of a person from the scriptures.

John 17:3
"And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent."


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Modest IS Hottest! Canada. said...

I love LIFE cereal, and I love this fhe idea. I'm confused about the questions. Is there only 4 questions? I thought there was meant to be 16 questions.


Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Hello Arlene!

Sorry about the confusion. There are only 4 questions because I like repitition. I have little ones and the more we repeat, the better!

Kimberly Bonham said...

Featured your blog on my blog today!!

Check it out! If you have any family home evening ideas that are your favorite, please email them my way so I can feature those on my blog too!

AshleyCrouch said...

Such a great way to teach important concepts! Thanks for sharing!