Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pioneer Song Ideas

Here is a lovely article from The Friend, A Quilt That Tells A Story. It says, "Did you know that you can “read” a quilt? Pioneer quilters used patterns instead of words to tell stories."

You could either use the beautiful visual from this article and cut out the different squares OR make your own quilting squares (on paper) for the primary children to choose. Of course, you have a song assigned to that square and have them guess the story of the pattern. You won't have time for all these songs so perhaps only choose 8-10!!

Here is a list of the details of the above quilt and in ( ) a song you could sing:

Log Cabinfour cornerstones of the gospel: Jesus Christ, the restoration of the gospel, the Book of Mormon, and the priesthood (The Golden Plates CS pg.86)

Four Windsthe scriptures, which show us which way to go to return to Heavenly Father

Sunbeamthe glorious love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ (Jesus Wants Me for A Sunbeam CS pg. 60)

Beautiful Starbecoming beautiful in mind and spirit by living the gospel and developing talents

Eight-Pointed Starthe covenants we make at baptism (When I Am Baptized CS pg.103)

Friendship Starour love for others, which grows as we live the gospel (As I Have Loved You Hymns #308)

Joseph’s Coatpreparing for the priesthood, which was restored through Joseph Smith, a descendant of Joseph in the Old Testament (On A Golden Springtime Verse 3 CS pg. 88)

Love Ringpreparing to receive temple covenants someday (I Love To See The Temple CS pg.95)

Country HeartsPrimary teachers, who love and teach children to choose the right (Choose The Right Hymns #239)

Rising Sunpraising the Lord by singing Primary songs from morning till night. (Singing A Song is Fun To Do CS pg.253)

Jack in the Pulpitgiving talks and sharing testimonies in Primary (I Know My Father Lives pg.5) 

Jacob’s Ladderlearning the gospel one step at a time (I Am A Child of God CS pg.2)

Hands All around the Blocklearning to serve others (When We're Helping CS pg.198)

Tree of Lifeour faith in Heavenly Father, which grows as we keep the commandments (Keep The Commandments Hymns #303)

Steps to the Altarbeing worthy for temple blessings (Families Can Be Together Forever CS pg.188)

King’s Crownbeing worthy to be ordained to the priesthood (A Young Man Prepared CS pg. 166)

Hands with Heartsbuilding God’s kingdom with willing hearts and helping hands (A Happy Helper CS pg. 197)

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