Saturday, August 4, 2012

Reverence Idea for Pioneer Songs

I have a cricket and seagull puppet and briefly told THIS story from The Friend. An interesting tidbit (that isn't in the story) are that the seagulls would eat so many crickets that they would throw up and then keep on eating! (Church History in The Fullness of Times Manual)

My daughter came up with a list of 7 interesting facts about crickets.
1. Crickets eat their own dead.
2. In Brazil, singing crickets means rain!
3. Crickets star in a lot of Disney movies.
4. Only male crickets sing.
5. Crickets do bite.
What are the other facts? I can't remember. Thank you senile self.

I brought in about 10 of these little crickets to visit our friends in primary. I was hoping they would sing for us, but those sneaky lil' guys wouldn't make a single chirp!

However, it was great because if we were getting too rowdy I'd hold up the crickets and it was completely silent as we waited to hear something! After about 5-10 seconds of listening and quiet, I'd transition us into our next song.

The children loved it and I invited any friends to come after church and find me if they wanted to see the crickets up close and longer. It was suggested by the children that next time we cover them up and perhaps they'd sing in the dark for us!

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