Saturday, September 8, 2012

Matching Board

I made this board for a baby shower and find it quite useful. I hot glued wooden clothespins on a piece of dollar store corkboard and painted with some glitter nail polish... class-ay.
It's nice and easy for matching games. We used it for Family Home evening with scripture story names, then the person who finds the match tells the story of that scripture person.
The possibilities are many though. Hopefully it can help someone out there!


Kerstin said...

working on my sharing time for tomorrow...week 4, respecting others...i see that you hadn't gotten anything for that on the blog you have any help for me?

The Sorensens said...

Love the board! If we play a matching game for FHE or Sharing Time, the magnets seem to always get in the way. They fall and go rolling under someone's chair.

I'm putting this on my "To Make" list.

Thank You!