Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Singing Time Journey

Meet Eli the Elf. He's a sweetheart. He knows all about Santa, presents, trees, goodies... but he wants to learn more about the REAL meaning of Christmas.

We're going to take him on a Christmas Singing Time Journey.
I attach Eli's picture with tape to a little string along bus we have, that way the children can pull him where he needs to go.
If you haven't "elfed" yourself this Christmas, I highly recommend you do so!! You just need a picture of your head and lots of paper, scissors and glue!
These pictures will be all over the room. Children pull Eli the Elf along and choose one picture. We then sing a Christmas song, according to the picture. Have the child "briefly" tell what the picture has to do with Christmas.
Pictures include:
 follow the leader (child chooses an action to do while singing and we follow along)
Heavenly Father & Jesus have no beginning and no end, the are the same always!
Sing while making arm circles to the side or if you have a smaller primary, sing in a circle holding hands
Sing with a couple children holding flashlights & lights off
3 Wisemen
Hide Baby Jesus and invite 3 children to search for it while you sing
Samuel The Lamanite
Lead with a bow & arrow
My daughter got this for her birthday and I'm going to let 2 primary children take a couple shots trying to hit me on a chair (It's a Z Curve Bow & foam arrow set... I think my husband and I have just as much fun as her playing with it!
Farm Animals
Sing with a "Baaaaa Baaaa"
I'm going to use this only on "funner" songs like Christmas Bells or Once There Was A Snowmen
Add an "oooo oooo" on the off beat
For example,  Silent Night "ooo ooo" Holy Night "ooo ooo" All is calm "ooo" All is bright "ooo"
Whisper sing!
No Room at the Inn Sign
Have a primary class come up front and squeeze together while we sing

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