Friday, March 8, 2013

A little bit of "Luck"?? ... Some LDS thoughts for St. Patrick's Day

Take your pick of the following to plan a Family Home Evening or come up with Singing Time Ideas!!

* Little Lucky Moments a great poem by Annalise Kunzelman from the New Era.

* "Remember also that if you succeed, it isn’t because of luck. Success comes from faith and work and prayer and from constant righteous effort."
President Spencer W. Kimball Privileges and Responsibilities of Sisters Ensign October 1978

* "There is real purpose in life, boys. Your Heavenly Father has helped to provide a world for you and a life for you. It can be a notable one or it can be a casual one. That is up to you, and by the time you are 12 years of age or older, much is expected of you. You are not living in the life of luck; it is a life of pluck, a life of effort and planning. "
President Spencer W. Kimball To Bear The Priesthood Worthily Ensign April 1975

* " In every prayer that children hear, there should be thankfulness expressed for God’s hand in all things, for evidences of his presence and influence. He is the God before whom man bows; to him we make acknowledgment and to none other. We live in a world dominated by the concept of “Lady Luck.” Our children too soon learn that much of their success is attributed to being lucky or to chance.
     Parental references to whim and happenstance can easily be interpreted by children to mean that God plays second fiddle. For children to feel that God is the conductor, they need to hear their parents render unto him that which is his—the very breath of life, its essence, influence, and all-pervasiveness. Parents who themselves are filled with the consciousness of God’s hand in all things will transmit this feeling to their children."

* HERE is a talk from President Monson about several different experiences he's had that some might attribute to luck, but he knows much better! Consider the Blessings indeed!

* HERE is a story from The Friend about a boy who gets a cricket to ensure their family has good luck for a year. At the end of the story, he realizes that luck isn't as important as just being a kind person.

* HERE is a story, probably not for younger kids- unless you summarize, about a woman who realizes it's sometimes not just luck... it's the Holy Ghost prompting!!

* HERE is a story of a boy in the ocean who prays for dolphins and is saved. He knew it was not luck, but The Lord.

* HERE is a great story! An excerpt says, " At the time it recalled to my memory the days when some of us as kids carried good luck charms or a rabbit’s foot in our pockets. Or, some of us back on the farm were perhaps superstitious enough to hang horseshoes on the barn door or use a hundred and one other symbols to keep off the evil eye of failure or accident.
     I remember so well the common superstition of all ball players never to step across another player’s mitt while it lay on the ground.
     Well, I would like to give you a new one in this article, one that is guaranteed to help you throughout your entire life, every month, every day, every hour, protecting you from the bad luck episodes of your life. It is guaranteed to protect your health, make you more likable in your association with people and more successful in your job. It will insure greater success in your daily work and bring you home to your dwelling place every evening with a sense of “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

* The word LUCK is not found anywhere in the scriptures.

* * Randomly this story, Palmer the Embalmer, yes. Awesome. Found HERE  in the New Era has nothing to do with luck BUT is a must read because it is entertaining. I've never seen a church published story that refers to teachers as "mutants" and school board members as "morons". It's rather refreshingly realistic. Say that 10 times fast. And please.... this is not meant to put down teachers or school board members, don't miss the message of the article.

* * Extra randomly, did you know Stephenie Meyers wrote an Ensign article. It's a really good one.
Found HERE.


Kristi said...

Love these ideas! Thanks Sofia. I also love the talk and Mormon Message by Elder Bednar about Tender Mercies from the Lord. "The Lord's tender mercies do not occur randomly or by coincidence." It's not lucky, it's a tender mercy!

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Sister Kristi- Thank you! Especially for sharing the information about Elder Bednar's message!!! With St. Patrick's Day being on Sunday, we'll do fun stuff the day before, but I still wanted to take time to celebrate the day on Sunday in a more reverent Sabbath way. I'll be sure to show my kids that. Thank you thank you!!!

The Heki Family said...

Thank you for putting this together. I am the 8-9 activity day leader and we are going to do a st. patricks day treasure hunt and tell one of these stories at each spot. Thanks for the stories!