Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ice Cream Family Themed Summer Singing Time

Since July is all about families in Primary, I decided to do this simple singing time. You could easily adapt to have children choose songs from the popsicles instead of answer questions. We also enjoyed this activity as a family home evening!
If you have a cereal box, cover it (glue guns are your best friend) with a paper bag from the grocery store then embellish with scraps you have. The box is just a fun prop to look at or you could have a child "drive" (hold it and pass it to another friend) who was also a fabulous singer.
On the back of the popsicles I had these questions:
What is a favorite family vacation you've taken?
What is a fun holiday tradition you have in your family?
Why do we want our families to be eternal?
Can you think of 5 families from the scriptures?
What is your favorite family game to play?
How can you show love to someone in your family?
What are choices you have when someone is bothering/annoying you in your family?
Name 3 reasons/things you love about someone in your family.
Ask the children if they've ever been in this type of pickle. The ice cream man is coming, you hear his wonderful music playing, you look in your piggy bank and there is no money!! You ask your mom and she says she doesn't carry cash!! BUMMER!!! Well, today we don't have to worry about that. All you need is excellent singing to buy these delicious popsicles. What?? you say?? But they are made out of paper!! (take a fake lick of a popsicle) They taste dreamy to me! When we sing, I'm looking for the following:
1. Bold singing - not shouting!! Just nice and loud!!
2. Smiles!!
3. People actually singing!! Moving mouths with sound coming out!!


tia said...

Thanks for sharing this idea, I needed something to get me through the rest of July since my primary already knows this month's song. I am piggy-backing off of your idea. I am mixing in program songs with the questions to review those. I am incorporating the idea of serving in a family and serving ice cream (and refreshing the song "My Eternal family" and building our family through service). When a child chooses a popsicle with a song on it, that child will get to rate the primary's singing by serving ice cream scoops with a scoop and play dough (1 scoop=no one's singing to 3 scoops=perfect). I will give each child an unfrozen freezer pop with a sticker that says serve! at the end. They are to put it in the freezer and they can have it for a treat after they serve someone in their family. Thanks again for your great idea, I had nothing for this week (I might be able to stretch it through 1 more week).

tia said...
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