Monday, August 12, 2013

Junk you never knew you needed!!! Sing for Junk Singing Time

Summer is full of many fun activities.... one being garage sales!!!!! With garage sales you discover junk that you never knew you needed... for CHEAP!!! The excitement of a bargain!! The thrill of finding!!

True story: 8AM my good lookin' hubby sees a George Foreman grill. This baby could get 10 steaks on it! It was huge!! I didn't know where on earth we would put it. They wanted $7. My husband only had $5 left of his money for the day. Was I willing to spare him $2? The problem is he gets junk fever!! He gets the junk and we end up selling it a year later at a garage sale at our house!! We drove away. 30 seconds later, being the compassionate/enabler wife I am, we went back.... but to our dismay it was gone. Sigh. Live life without regrets!! Today we sing!! Today you get junk!!

Clean out your house (and I had many teachers tell me they wish they would have known so they could have brought junk too!) and bring your junk that you're willing to give away. Set up with a sign that says "Sing for Junk".

Preface that at garage sales you have to be quick. What happens if you just stand there thinking... hmmm.... do I really need this? Someone is going to come and snatch it up!! Before we start, I need everyone to commit to a 5 second rule. You're at the Sing for Junk table 5 seconds, grab and go! Also, once you have your junk it goes UNDER YOUR CHAIR, in class too!! They can show their commitment by wiggling their nose, pulling their earlobes 3 times and clicking their heels 4 times.

Have a jar with all the names of the primary friends. After you sing a song, draw a few names to visit the table.

This is free junk!! All you have to do is sing with a smile!!

The children loved this activity. A boy got a barbie back pack and the children giggled but were humbled when he said his baby sister might really like it one day when she grew up! I also had one boy who was completely utterly disappointed with what he got. Ugh, crayons!! Major melt down. He was the only one in a primary of 70 who had a problem. I had some spare junk in another bag and let him rummage around AFTER singing time was over. I told him to cheer up, Jesus loves him and not to let small stuff make him feel bad.

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Christian and Karen Robinson said...

This idea made me smile. Very clever!