Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Grandparents Day!

By Christina age 8 "In Hawaii"
We LOVE LOVE LOVE our grandparents!! We are so blessed to have a great Yaya and Papa who we play with often and enjoy good times together. We also have our Yaya Sofia, my grandmother, who in all my life, has always bought us toilet paper and laundry soap.
I know, pure awesomeness.
We really do have the best grandparents EVER!
 To celebrate this very fine day, we made some art! But wait, you might say, I'm not an artist!
That's fine!!!
But you are destined to create, so you might as well practice now!!!
Children draw a convertible, then a background of somewhere they'd love to go to or have been... with their grandparents! You then attach a picture to the convertible and write a note. I found the picture below on Pinterest with a bad link... so I'm sorry I don't know the source of this convertible drawing how to.

By Maria age 6 "In Yosemite"

I love my daughters' notes. To get their very best writing, I often ask questions or ask for descriptive words or phrases. Here are a couple excerpts of what they wrote-

Maria wrote: " In this picture we're riding to Yosemite. Yosemite is the place where there is a fire, but don't worry because our magical rainbow car will keep us safe. At the hotel we will make our own waffles for breakfast. They taste good but not as good as your salad dressing."

Christina wrote: " In this picture we are at beautiful fun Hawaii. It is fun because you get to go swimming all day long in the big ocean with dolphins! We are about to drive in the parking lot, next to a small fluffy palm tree. We are staying at the Hut Hotel which is orange like the sun when it's smokey! By the way, a volcano is about to explode! We better get out of Hawaii soon, maybe we can ask the dolphins to take us home."

We ended with- I'm so grateful to have you as my grandparent. No matter where we are, we will always have love and happiness together! Happy Grandparents Day!!


Floral Bow said...

I love that post....!!!! Grandparents are the backbone of our family. And by gifting them some personalized gift and flowers make them very special and say thank you for all that they do for our family....

Anonymous said...

Do you get compensated for your time writing on this blog or do you just do it out of the kindness of your heart - Just curious??

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Sister Floral Bow- Thanks!

Anonymous- I do not get compensated with money for this blog. I don't do any advertising, although sometimes I miss spammers on comments unfortunately. I'm very blessed by the Lord and am grateful for the opportunity to leave something for my children and their children. I'm grateful to help anyone that needs help. I'm blessed to be able to have a quick and handy reference on Monday nights. I owe the Lord too much and will never be able to repay Him for all He's done and yet He pays me daily in blessings that are undeserved.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty special that you are so willing to give The Lord and others so much if your time. Thanks :)

Taneka Carl said...

I’ve gotten a little confused with whose grandparents is whose. Let me get this straight, you are Sofia, and your grandma is Yaya Sofia? And Papa and Yaya are your parents? By the way, it’s cute how your daughters drew a sweet pciture for your grandparents. Seems like you’re training them to become good writers. And a great way to motivate them is ask them to write about something they love. Taneka @