Sunday, June 8, 2014

LDS Great to be 8 Night Ideas!!

So I quickly glanced over the handbook and couldn't find anything in regards to holding a baptism preview/preparation /Great to be 8 night. I did see this though,
"Bishops give special attention to 7-year-old children in the ward, ensuring that their parents, Primary leaders and teachers, and home teachers help them prepare for baptism and confirmation."
(Handbook 2: 20.3.1)
If you are a primary president, pray about it and counsel with your bishop.
I just wanted to share what we did the other night as a presidency.
It's an exciting time for 7 year olds as they prepare especially hard this year for baptism. Why not help them and families?
Our theme for the night was Alma 5:62 "Come and be baptized unto repentance, that ye also may be partakers of the fruit of the tree of life."
We wanted to keep things short and simple. We each spoke for about 5-7 minutes, using visuals, on the following:
What is baptism? (examples of baptism from the scriptures)
Why are we baptized? (covenants we make with Heavenly Father)
What can we do to prepare for baptism? (this whole life is a preparation to meet God again, introduction to Faith in God program and how it helps us to prepare to partake of the fruit of the tree of life, hand out booklets)
Holy Ghost, Comforter, and Friend
We made sure to ask questions and get everyone involved!
In between why we are baptized and what can we do to prepare for baptism, we had 3 children share some thoughts/testimony about their own baptisms. THIS WAS THE BEST PART OF THE NIGHT!!!!
Boy, those kiddos rocked it! They were super thoughtful!
We then invited the Ward Mission Leader to share some thoughts. He was wonderful and talked about the importance of writing down in a journal all about your baptism!
The bishop concluded with his testimony. He also talked about the baptism interview and how they didn't need to be nervous! We are so lucky to have great priesthood leaders in our ward who are engaging and enthusiastic!
Refreshments were based off that theme... fruity desserts! We had fruit pizza, fruit cookies, and strawberry shortcake. woman's frosting was lovely!! Just cream cheese and marshmallow creme!
It was simple, the spirit was felt. We had handouts for the kids, including
It's a great way to learn those covenants!! Practice at night or in the car to school!
Study guide to baptism! One thing to note is "Baptism must be preceded by repentance." Remember for children, baptism doesn't wash away sins because they don't have any. However, they can still make mistakes and say sorry!! I bring it up because I feel it's very important that children understand the type of God, our loving Father is.
I've used it with my daughter and it is a treasure. I'm so glad to have things documented so we can remember!! Plus it's been a big help to her to write down definitions to really understand the articles of faith. We printed these packets out and spiral bound them.
And then, for the grand finale... I need to tell you about Sister Dalton.
Sister Dalton is an amazing woman, who is possibly perfect in every way. I'm actually very surprised she hasn't been translated. She's the type of woman who can do ANYTHING. And do it well!!!
We were a little early to set up the room and she gracefully entered wearing an outfit modest, elegant, and utterly fabulous. She walks into a room and takes your breath away she is so beautiful!!
And it's not just because she is so put together, it's because you can feel her warm soul.
You know that she is there to help. You know she will be there for whatever you need.
I know the world is full of Sister Daltons. Hopefully you have one in your life too. To teach you. To love you. To inspire you. To bring you closer to Christ through their example.
Anyways. She sewed these amazing towels with CTR on them for the children.
They were just lovely and the kids were thrilled!
There used to be a rule that Presidency members couldn't give gifts to children, but I scanned the handbook and couldn't find anything that said that. PLEASE.... if someone knows something I don't and can show me a current documented source, PLEASE let me know!!
We attached a poem I found HERE
I saw quite a few poems, but that one was my favorite.
For a great tutorial on how to make them, one little green tree (her image below) has simple and easy directions!
The fruit of the tree of life is the love of God. I know that a merciful Father has made possible a plan for us to return to Him. Only through Christ can we be saved. They have given us commandments and we have the privilege to choose to follow or not. Baptism is glorious! And life with the Holy Ghost is the best!! I know this to be true. In the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.


anna said...

The documents you have for the Great to be 8 night are great. Can you please email them to me (especially the LDS Baptism & Holy Ghost Outline- Scripture Study Guide) Thank you

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I love your blog and AM especially finding this post to be helpful as I plan our own great to be 8 program. Thank you for sharing your obvious talent, your time and then to Seattle for your calling. It has often been just the lift I needed to kick start my own inspiration.

Jared, Miranda and Max said...

"Then to Seattle"? Ha! Should be "enthusiasm."

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Please email me the Great to be 8 documents. They are exactly what I was looking for and I would love to use them at our program. Thank you!

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Will you please email me the documents as well?

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