Saturday, October 4, 2014

General Women's Conference Oct. 2014 FHE Idea

I'm hoping to do some art projects with my girls based off some of the wonderful Conference messages. I have them read the talks for scripture study and am looking forward to their written responses on the question sheet I made. I save their work in a little box and look forward to looking back on these treasured moments. I also try to have them review quotes and pick one or two to memorize!
Also, I never ever ever use anything but watercolor paper for watercolor projects!!
You can't beat the quality.


Kathryn Wood said...

This is very thoughtful. Thank you for sharing!

JaneyLou said...

Sofia, I love your blog and find it helpful in preparing my lessons. I really, really love the focus and attention you are giving the Women's Broadcast- I tried to drive home to the girls what a special thing it was to learn from our leaders. I just wanted to point something out to you: all of your quotes on your page "quoting" Sister Burton's talk are not actually her quotes. They are the times she quoted men in her talk. More than ever at this conference I was aware of speakers quoting women, even women quoting other women in the Women's Broadcast. I loved hearing some of the brethren like Elder Scott quote our female leaders in conference. I'm not trying to be critical, I hope you can take this in the spirit it was intended- I don't think I was aware that women were rarely quoted until I noticed Sister Oscarson doing it at the last Women's Broadcast. It is important for me that people recognize that women of faith have distinct, important voices and I think that we can show the children that by valuing those voices like we value the voices of our Priesthood leaders.

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Sister Wood- Thank you!

Sister Janey Lou- Thank you for your comment. I was personally touched by the quotes that I quoted. I also properly notated the quotes' correct sources from the priesthood leaders, so I'm not quite sure what you meant. I'm sure you are not trying to be critical and I please, please, please hope you don't think I am trying to be.

I am big on being able to memorize something and be successful at it. For me personally, I do best with shorter type quotes. In the early 90's I will admit that I played large amounts of Tetris. This, I believe, killed a large amount of brain cells. Unfortunately, I just can't memorize that well.

I understand your point in making sure our children understand that women have important voices. I agree completely.

With that said, I still just go by the spirit. I write down what I feel would be best for me and my kids to learn. I'm not worried about whether a man or a woman speaks, as long as the message is from above and helps us closer to our Heavenly Father.