Friday, February 27, 2015


Who here by raise of hands has ever had a phone call or two (or 6) on Sunday morning saying that the teacher can't teach primary that day?

Substituting and Primary go hand in hand. And how do we make sure that we give a good lesson even without proper preparation?We say a couple prayers and have faith!

Another thing I have found is keeping the kids involved and motivated for a final activity. Usually it's art!!! What can we draw to reinforce part of the day's lesson?

Disclaimer: I am not an artist. The extent of my capabilities are sticks and circles with smiley faces.

Whatever my artistic handicaps may be, I still realize that children LOVE TO CREATE! When they are engaged they learn better. So that's where this BRILLIANT AMAZING FABULOUS AWESOME WOW WOW WOW website comes in:

Rob is a BYU grad (Rise and shout!!!!!!!) and shares the most easy to follow tutorials for drawing. His kids do a great job too!! You can scour his site for ideas.
I matched a couple of friend articles with Rob's tutorials for quick reference... for "those" Sunday mornings!! Or even for a fun Family Home Evening!!!
Just click on the links.
Topic Compassion: Harry, the Helper Rabbit (Friend Aug. 1997) & Rabbit Tutorial
Topic General Conference:
Quote from President Hinckley- " While we were at lunch, we sat with a man who is now a grandfather who said that his little four-year-old grandson came to him the other day and said, “Grandpa, why do the hummingbirds hum?” Grandpa said, “I don’t know. Why?” The little boy said, “Because they don’t know the words.”
       It is unlikely that we will remember very many of the words that we’ve heard during the meetings of this conference. But I hope that we shall be able to “hum” the spirit of this conference and that we shall carry with us a great feeling of uplift because of our participation together. It has been a glorious time. The Spirit of the Lord has been with us. We have every reason to be grateful. We have been refreshed in our testimonies and strengthened in our faith." Let Us Go Forward & Hummingbird Tutorial
Topic Love/Protection:
Topic Lost Sheep:
Finding the Sheep (Friend Feb. 2007) & Lamb Tutorial
Topic Temptations:
Beware the Wolves (New Era July 2012) & Wolf Tutorial
Topic Clean Speech: