Thursday, September 3, 2015

D&C 90: 15 "...Become acquainted with all good books..."

A while ago, I was having a hard time finding good books. It seemed like every book I picked up had foul language and it was disheartening to say the least. And zombies. Please. What is the fascination with something so sacrilege?
When I read a book, I want it to be something that I can share with my daughters. It doesn't have to be something right away, I'm fine with storing great books on the shelf for later.
I'm not an author. I'm not a great writer. So at first I was very hesitant to share my opinion after reading a book. However, I really like free things. And well, free books.... it's like justifiable hoarding. Because knowledge is power, right?
This is my first review, of hopefully many, due to a program by Bethany House. If you'd like more information click HERE. I don't get paid to write, but I do get a free copy of the book I review.
I realize this is a primary blog. I've never done any sort of advertising on my blog and I hope this isn't misconstrued as advertising. The way I see it, is that there are so many horrible books out there and if I can find a good book, why not share it? As the title of the post reads, "Become acquainted with all good books...." (D&C 90:15). This is just a little part of who I am. I love to read. I have "many" books that line the walls of my home (don't get me started on children's lit). So, without further ado....
A Noble Masquerade
by Kristi Ann Hunter
I do judge a book by it's cover. I'm a mother and time is precious! I knew at the first glance this historical fiction/romance novel would be up my alley. A classy, elegant woman with parasol in back... 1800's in England, I could get my Jane Austen/BBC type fix without bothering the hubby.
I also have to mention the dedication. I love that Kristi acknowledges God. There is a great religious tone to the book. A little bit of forgiveness, dealing with jealousy, dealing with feelings of inadequacy.
Lady Miranda Hawthorne is the main heroine of the story. And she is just that. She is brave in dealing with the period demands of being a lady, while yet being true to her feelings. Within the first few pages I was hooked and ready to see where this high spirited little girl would take me. She didn't disappoint!
I love a book that makes me laugh, and this book did indeed make me laugh out loud! (I got a few odd looks at the gym while on the exercise bike.. but totally worth it. 45 minutes never went so fast! I felt like Ironman.) Good humor one-liners were just right to balance the romance throughout. The descriptions from the perspective of Marsh (the lead male) were simple, yet touching. "She resembled a half-drowned sea urchin. And no woman had ever looked lovelier." His adorations for her made me smile over and over again!
Basic plot synopsis: Lady Miranda is a lady, but wants to be bold. She is in her 20's, almost a spinster and desires to be married. A younger sister seems to get all the attention instead. From her earlier years, she has developed a secret way to unleash her feelings in the form of letters to a brother's friend who (after stories were told) she feels to be just like her. She never planned on sending the letters to him, but one day... an accident happens! Many events unfold, and as the back cover states, "Miranda's heart is far from all that's at risk for the Hawthornes and those they love." Yes, Queen and country are involved!!
This book was an excellent, light hearted, very clean, fun read. I walked away from the book feeling happy and content!
It also made me think about what are some things in my life that I can do to be true to myself, and yet still be proper and respectful.


Dana Morrison said...

I totally agree with you. Sometimes I wish books had a rating system similar to what movies have, or a least a warning for foul language and adult scenes. Many times I have been into a book a chapter or two and totally love the story and then, Pow, they start in with the swear words. Even though I am intrigued with the story, I have to put it down. Thank you for your review.

Rebecca Talley said...

I write clean books--no foul language and no sex scenes. I also have many friends who write clean books. There is a large group of LDS authors who write clean books. lists many books and authors who write clean books as does It is hard and very frustrating to find good, clean books, which is why we started our group. Many of the ebooks are $.99 and others go on sale often.

Also, thank you for your blog. It really helps me in my calling in Primary!