Monday, December 21, 2015

"We're missing a few teachers."

Yesterday, my sweet Elijah was giving an article of faith in Primary. He rocked it. He just turned 4 and knows all his articles of faith because we sing them each morning on our way to school. I gave him the option between that or George Michael (Did you know he's Greek?) songs. Although, on some Fridays you can still hear him belting, "Should've know better than to cheat a friend, waste this chance that I've been given.... so I'm never gonna dance again, the way I've danced with yoo-oooo-ooou."

He also wants to be a "care-a-medic"/paramedic when he grows up. At first it was the actual ambulance truck he wanted to be, but then he changed his mind. I'm still hoping he'll be an artist. But I'll take a paramedic too, could save us on healthcare in the long run.

What is the point? The point is, I was sitting in Primary in THE BACK!!! Watching him and watching all the beautiful, "busy", children while I was completely relaxed and had not a worry or stress on my shoulder... because I wasn't in charge anymore!! "We're missing a few teachers." Yeah, I know man. I know. I know!!

I cannot even tell you how much I love/adore primary and primary children. However, I'm glad to not have the responsibilities of a president anymore. I'm currently playing piano in Relief Society and wandering the halls after a sass-ay toddler at times.

I'm hoping I'll get called as the Primary Chorister again or a teacher, but in the mean time I'm perfectly content and so grateful for the opportunity I had to have served and gotten to know so many wonderful souls in our ward.

Does that mean I'll stop blogging? No. I need family home ideas and love to have them in an easy access form. Plus, I hope they can help someone out there. I recently got a comment from someone in Brazil about communism... it could have been spam, but it brightened my day nonetheless. It's nice to feel a part of this world and enjoy other's testimonies out there. It gives me hope.

Sorry to ramble.


Kathryn with Heaven is Smiling Above said...

Good luck in your new calling and thanks for all the great ideas!

Emily Nielson said...

You are full of amazing ideas and I am so grateful for all the inspiration you've given me!

Michelle Olson said...

I love your blog. You have influenced thousands! I grew up with your husband and I can tell he's a lucky man to have a wife and mother who LIVES the gospel!!!! Thank you!

Venus Pack said...

I go to your webpage every time I need to teach sharing time. Thank you for the ideas and motivation!!! You are helping me teach the gospel more interactively to primary children in Alberta, Canada. Thank you!!