Wednesday, July 13, 2016

An Elegant Facade by Kristi Ann Hunter Book Review

I love free things. And when I saw this in the mail I was pretty giddy because I knew I could relax poolside and soak in the sunshine while reading sunshine. Kristi's books are always clean, witty, funny, happy, light yet insightful and meaningful.
She brings religion into her books and it's nothing forceful or melodramatic. I feel like it's always just right to lighten the soul and make me reflect on my relationship with Heavenly Father.
This book is about a Lady Georgina Hawthorne who seems to be quite the snob. She is uppity and on the prowl for a husband, but not just any husband. Only the finest breeding and dollar of course. However, as we continue on, things aren't exactly as they seem. She has a secret and you can see the reasoning of why she is the way she is.
Colin McCrae, as the book says, "is the man who is invited everywhere but accepted nowhere." He is a very successful business man with no London family ties. Very crisp, smart, and down to earth.
Stop. I know you know where this is going. And that's the thing, there is enough of a surprise to make the book enjoyable, but it is pretty predictable. I enjoy that. I enjoy a nicely wrapped package, because we don't get that in real life.
So, pick it up at the library or buy it!! It is that good!!

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