Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Book Review: Quick Tips for Busy Families

I love easy to read books. Books that make me smile, books that have good points. Jay Payleitner did an excellent job of giving me new ideas for parenting. A lot were common sense, but it was good to read nonetheless.

Should one simply pass by a tree stump on an afternoon walk with the children?? I loved his idea to make it into a temporary podium, a words of wisdom spot whatnot. Easy. Simple. Fun.

I laughed when one chapter suggested that young children will always choose scissors. I tried it out with my 5 year old, and sure enough- the first 4 times he chose scissors!! He was amazed that I was beating him!!!

There were some really inspiring Christian thoughts WITHOUT a holier-than-thou type of preaching. Amen. Thank you. Loved it.

A good reminder was his chapter on compliments. A business practice is to sandwich a negative between 2 compliments. But his idea was that the negative supersedes the positive and I tend to agree. Sometimes we need to just give compliments and leave it at that.

I would definitely recommend this book!

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