Sunday, November 26, 2017

Out of the Ordinary by Jen Turano Book Review

As I type, I hear the sound of rain. I've got my heat turned up and the lights of the Christmas tree soft in the background. It was the perfect weekend to read this book!!

I love Jen Turano!!! Her books are light hearted, funny, and feel good stories with characters who would obviously be your best friends if you were written into the book. This book is not a literary masterpiece, and I caught a typo... however, sometimes you just need an easy read with a simple story line and happy ending.

Out of the Ordinary is about a special Miss Gertrude Cadwalader. Her heart is one of gold as she is the paid companion of an older woman who tends to have sticky fingers and other odd eccentricities. She has a very kind friend named Harrison who owns a shipping company. They've been friends for years, but could there be more? There are balls, men whisking women away on horses failures, and bird cage bustles. There are friends sticking up for friends, questions of faith, and messages of forgiveness and being merciful.

Definitely would recommend this book and love being able to enjoy multiple stories of the same characters in the series!!