Sunday, July 20, 2008

August 2008 When Jesus Christ Was Baptized Song Helps and Ideas

What a beautiful song! Hope the following can be of some help.

1. To introduce the song you could have a glass basin/bowl of water (when Jesus was baptized), a large #3, some sort of 3-d heart to represent love,a play microphone (Because Heavenly Father had spoke from heaven announcing to the world This was His Son and to hear Him), a small dove (I think that you can find these at Michael's craft store), mirror (for when I am baptized and also you can turn the mirror so you are seen as well as a picture of Jesus in the reflection on the words for I'll follow His example), a can of Mr.Clean (for sacred priesthood power... because through the power of the priesthood and ordinance of baptism we become clean), a crown (because Heavenly Father and Jesus are our Kings and we will belong to their kingdom when baptized), and a clock.
Without explaining to the kids, see if anyone can guess what the song will be about? As the children learn the song, have them choose things to take away/hide to solidify the words.

2. Display the GAK of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist. Have a pieces of paper with the letters J-O-R-D-A-N. (or O-B-E-D-I-E-N-C-E) Children can come choose letters which will have a short description of someone who has been baptized in your Primary. They can then guess whose baptism experience it was. (E.G. " This person was baptized in December. They said that they were a little nervous to have to go under water. But when they entered the font, they were no longer afraid. They had to be baptized twice because their toe came out of the water.") You will of course have to call up some of your kids and get quotes from them to make this work. As children sing the song well, they get to come up and choose a letter.

3. As the children learn the song, you can walk around holding a dove (it could even be a paper dove on a popsicle stick) to children that are singing especially well. You could have a child walk around with the dove and if the singing isn't as strong or clear the dove will stand until the singing is heartier.

(Image courtesy flickr by knowhimonline)

**As the primary leadership manuals say, food should not be at church unless it has to do with the lesson! On that note, I think that a Dove chocolate would help them to associate and remember some words to this song. Please, take these ideas at your discretion. As the (adult) dove walks around, they can hand out the chocolates. And if memory serves me correct (Thank you Iron Chef) I think the word Dove or a picture of the dove is actually on the chocolates. Could be wrong though... must go buy chocolate to check! Yum! My thighs will thank me for it in the morning. Why do I babble so!

4. As the children learn the song, you can fill up a glass square basin with water. As they sing well you can pour water inside from a pitcher. By the glass basin you could also have a clip art picture of a priesthood holder and a child ready for baptism (to compare water level and see if there would be enough water for them).

5. THIS GREAT PICTURE is from the Friend Magazine (January 2000). It could definitely be adapted to use with this song. Try to white out all the lines on the signs and blow it up as large as you can. Then in the signs, put pictures that have to do with words in this song. Or you could go the other route and make it a normal 8 1/2 X 11 paper and give it to the kids as a help while they sing. Try to have them point to each picture as they sing. Explain BRIEFLY (no more than 1 minute!!) that Baptism is the gateway to the path of eternal life. As we learn this song, we can feel the spirit and understand a little better what eternal life will be like... very joyful and happy!


Stina said...

I love the chocolate idea. But what is wrong with getting a real dove and putting that on a stick??

Yes, I'm that big of a nerd. Hello! You knew this!

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

I love you. You inspire me to be a better vegetarian. :)

Melanie said...

Thank you for the object lesson idea. I think I will teach the song using this and test them next week with the dove on a stick and reward with the chocolate. With a 160 kids singing for chocolate we'll be a heavenly choir!

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Wow Melanie! 160 kids! What a blessing and what a choir indeed! Kudos to you and your dedication!