Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baptism Song Helps May 2009

Blue and White- the colors of Baptism Image courtesy creative commons license by Alaukika April 2006

"Baptism" page 100 Children's Songbook

* Fill an envelope with pictures having to do with Baptism. Have a paper little boy or girl who are going to be baptized earn items from the envelope as you sing this song and learn the words. Items in the envelope could include white clothes, water, font, towel, mirror for above the font, etc.

* Have pictures of different places having to do with the song like Judea, River Jordan, Father's Kingdom, Places where we are witnesses in faith (home and school), Modern Baptismal Font. Have a child walk from picture to picture corresponding to the verses. Jesus set the example for us and we will follow and be baptized.

* Fill The Font - A visual from the Friend magazine you can use as you learn the song, color up a water level.

* Have you ever seen those things at the dollar store you can put into water and they will grow into something? They look like little pills and then they turn into wash rags or large sponges when immersed in water?? You can demonstrate this for the children and make the point that baptism is a covenant that will help our souls grow bigger and we will be better because of it! Is this too off the wall? Maybe. You decide.

* This is a fun song to tap your leg or top of hand to. Divide the room in half, one side tapping to a triplet beat (3 taps for each beat) and the other side tapping the melody of the song. Then switch!

"I want to Be Baptized" Words by Gary Croxall
Music by Kathleen Holyoak
July Friend 2005

* "I want" is a phrase we hear a lot in life. Have different pictures of things "we want" mixed with pictures having to do with baptism. You could have chocolate cake, a nintendo, a doll, etc. Then you could have pictures like white clothes, 8, font (to represent gate), soap with fire on it... (These pictures can be the visuals you use for the song for the children to hold) It's Ok to want different items in life, but the most important want we have should be to return to Heavenly Father and Jesus. This want is done in part by baptism.

* After you are baptized, you are wet! Bring in a basket full of towels. As you learn the song, see how many towels the primary can earn! Make a large stack as they sing boldly and energetically!

* My little 2 year old beauty often says "I need" in the place of "I want". For example "I need candy please." or "I need a dog from Pet's Mart." From what I gather this is a common practice for sweet 2 year olds. (Yes! Sweet! You will NEVER EVER EVER hear me say terrible twos!! They are TERRIFIC twos!!! Sorry. Tangent.) You can explain this to the primary children and ask them to think about the word "need" when they sing "want". It is true we "need" to be baptized but we will always have the choice, so we sing the word "want" because we want exactly that! To be baptized!

* Ask the Ward Mission leader if you can sing this song for Gospel Essentials class one week once you've learned it for the people investigating the church!


Rogers said...

Thanks for posting some ideas for "I Want To Be Baptized". We are learning this song, and have been drawing a C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E. blank. These ideas are great, and now I feel my brain a-chugin'!!

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Sister Rogers- Thanks for your comment! I often wish I could just travel around and watch people teach kids how to sing. I bet you do a great job!

Anonymous said...

Hello! This is Kathleen Holyoak, composer of the song, "I Want to be Baptized".
If any of you would like a little longer version of the song with an introduction and interlude, send me an email and I'd be happy to send it to you.

There is another song I wrote which also goes along with the theme for the 2009 Primary Presentation called "The Family is the Key". Send me an email and I'll send you a free pdf file you can share with others.

Kathleen Holyoak

Kathleen said...

This is Kathleen Holyoak again.
If anyone is looking for a song for Mother's Day or for Father's Day, just drop me an email and I'm happy to share.