Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Roseville, California 1st Ward... I Applaud You

I am always looking for ways to build a bridge between church and home. For Father's Day weekend we were visiting the greater Sacramento, California area and stayed at a hotel right by the temple.

It was a packed house! We had a lady in front of us who was a primary teacher welcome my children and was super friendly! Oh how I love people that don't ignore children! And a little girl held my daugther's hand so she could also sing to her daddy for Father's day. Thank you for being a ward full of awesome friendly people. We didn't stay for primary (which I was dying to do because I love learning and getting new ideas) however, there was a connection that I thought was brilliant.

On their Sacrament Meeting program, on the back, they put the primary monthly theme and scripture! Is that simple? Is that helpful? Is that wonderful? Is that a quick way to help parents reinforce the principles being taught on Sunday?

Kudos to you Roseville CA 1st Ward!!


Lanell said...

I visited a ward that did something similar, but they included the the color page from the friend for the month that has the primary monthly theme and scripture. I haven't had any luck in implementing that in my own ward, but thought it was a geat idea!

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Sister Lanell - What fun! Thanks for sharing the great idea.