Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stand for the Right (CS pg. 159) Primary Song Helps and Ideas

Standing Figures Image courtesy creative commons license by ChrisM70
(Recycled from Feb.2011)
My favorite songs in the Children's Songbook happen to be the short ones. I just love that they are easy to remember and the message is solid!!

* Put a picture of President Monson on the chalkboard with a speech bubble. What are 2 words that the prophet might say to us?? Let the children brainstorm. How about Be True!!

* Have a stuffed animal bee or puppet. Invite a child to the front, when the bee is high the children sing bold, when the bee is low the children sing soft. Give paper Bees with the word true on it to each of the children to take home. They can hold it high and low and teach their family the song like we did in Primary.

* Have about 30 little toys. Have them all laying down on a table. Invite a child to the front to see if they can stand up all the toys before the Primary finishes the song.

* Have a leg dice. On each side of the dice is a leg with a different way to stand throughout the song. For example:
1. Stand on left leg    2. Stand on right leg   3. Stand with foot on left knee  4. Sit on ground and very slowly stand up by the end of song     5. Stand on tippy toes    6. Stand with legs apart, one hand on hip, other hand in air

* Check with your bishop and see if you can record the primary singing this song to send to a missionary serving from your ward. Grab a sheet of paper and have the primary write them a letter about what it means to be true and how proud they are of their missionary willing to stand for what's right!! (Yes, I'm a child of the 80's and still use cassette tapes. Don't laugh. Ok. You can laugh. If anyone has another idea that's more up to date, feel free to share)

*** PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be sensitive if there are any children in your primary who can't stand. Who are in a wheelchair. Speak with parents on how you can effectively teach this song to their child.
HERE is a youtube Mormon Message about a differently abled man who cannot stand physically, but proves you don't always need physical legs to stand tall. Being a witness of Christ and doing the best you personally can is Standing for the Right ***


Allison said...

thank you for all your hard work and awesome ideas! i actually just gave you an award on my blog =o] keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I was recently called to be the new Primary Chorister. I'm so glad I found YOU!! Keep your creative and wonderful ideas coming! Thanks so much! Laurie

JennyB said...

Your ideas are awesome, and I thank you for sharing them with those of us who just stare at the song, and go, "Now what?"

John said...

Regarding the recording can record an mp3 version using a laptop that has a mic. Then you could e-mail it to your chosen missionary. Recording yourself (or the primary) singing is easy on a mac with the program Garage Band (which comes pre-installed). I'm sure there are options on PCs as well, I just don't know what they are. ;)

Katie @ Hippos and Dinosaurs said...

These are some of the best ideas I have found for this song so far. Thanks so much sharing!!