Monday, February 6, 2012

Choose The Right Song Helps and Ideas

I know what you are thinking:

1. These look a little like toilet seats.
2. That's some pretty awesome photography... not.
3. You should add a hot guy in the picture with the caption, "Hey girl... these plate rings make me want to choose the right."

In The Friend they have a feature with a hidden CTR ring. I decided to make rings for the song, with images to help us remember the words and then we can hide them and search for them while we sing... once the song is learned. And when I say we, I mean my kiddos... did you know I'm not in primary? I'm a Relief Society chorister, and I missed my first week and didn't remember to call a substitute.
Fun times slacker.

* Broken Record: You can't do this with a piano, or perhaps you can if you let the pianist take the lead. Basically, you sing and then on certain phrases you just repeat over and over and over and over again and then continue singing. It's really fun. So it'd go something like this
Choose the right, when a choice is placed before you,
In the right, In the right, In the right, In the right the Holy Spirit guides....
It's a great way to teach the melody through repetition.

* Stand up and turn to the right!!! facing that wall- while you sing. After singing each phrase of the song, turn to the right and face that side of the room. Some other possibilities could include turning on the word "right" or facing children different directions to make it more complicated.


Rochelle said...

You're really funny! I love it. I'm doing this.

chee said...

I'm using all three ideas combined this Sunday. Love, love, love it. Exactly what the primary ordered. THANKS so much!

Stephanie said...

My favorite primary trick was always to tell the kids I could sing the whole song backwards, with no help. Then, I'd move to the back of the room with my back to them and sing it. It was worth it just to see them smile.

"H" said...

Oh...thank you, thank you! I find the theme book doesn't always cater for the junior primary....thanks so much for the ideas.

Thanks so much

I will definitely be coming back here!

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Libby said...

I'm totally using this tomorrow. Thanks a ton! My kids really struggle with his song, so we need to review it before our program. Thanks.