Monday, August 29, 2011

Profound Silence....

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I just did a google search and was disturbed by the color and price of these sweats. $13 each.

I've had a couple times in life when I've had sharing time and wondered... what's up with the noise? I have eyeballs, so I put them to good use. When I've looked around, it's not the kids talking but ADULTS.


I've often wondered why it's acceptable to wear sweats in public. Perhaps it's a Reno, NV thing and perhaps I secretly wish I could wear sweats and be accepted by society, but then I stop.
I realize it's wrong. There are just some things we shouldn't do.

Sweats is numero uno. Talking while the leader up front is.... numero dos. Especially when that leader is bearing testimony.

A scripture, Alma 55:17 says, "Yea, even to their women, and all those of their children, as many as were able to use a weapon of war, when Moroni had armed all those prisoners; and all those things were done in a profound silence." Granted, we may not be trying to save our village while the Lamanites are passed out drunk... I'm not even saying Primary needs to be a place of profound silence. All I'm saying is how do we expect children to show reverence when we don't?

I'll get off the soapbox now. But think about the sweats thing.... really.


Dawna said...

Love this thought. We are having a similar problem in our Primary with the adults. Thank you for the scripture reference -- LOVE IT and I plan to use it. Thanks again!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that has noticed this. I have been trying to stress to my presidency and leaders that the children learn from our example.

I have talked about it and stressed it so many times till I am blue in the face. Any suggestions on how to get my point across and have them understand this important truth?

jaya said...

Great post with lots of really good information!

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Tawnya said...

Hear hear. I'm annoyed by the leaders who think its ok to text while in Primary. Seriously?? And yes, sweats are NOT ok for public. Don't people watch What Not to Wear? :)