Monday, August 29, 2011

A Simple Equation for Fun Spiritual Learning

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Fun Family Home Evening

Play a round of the alphabet game by rolling the dice with the theme of "The Gospel".
The alphabet game is where you go around in the circle and each person has a letter from the alphabet and comes up with a word starting with that letter based on your theme. Roll the dice (from the game of scattegories) to see what letter you get.
If you can't think of anything, open up the Gospel Art Book and look around. Talk about the word you choose. I also used a dry erase board to write down all the words we came up with.

I was really proud of my 4 year old coming up with the word "Follow" for F. Some other examples were "Temple" for T, "Priesthood" for P, "Night time Prayers" for N.....They liked the activity so much that I'm leaving it out for them to do whenever they want. It'd also be a great game to play on Sunday.

**Also, if you don't have a dice, you could just draw letters written and cut out on paper, from a sack.

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