Thursday, October 10, 2013

House of Hades Review.... An LDS perspective and some personal ramblings

My 9 year old and 6 year old daughter LOVE the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series!
It's funny, witty, engaging, suspenseful. It teaches you everything you ever needed to know about Greek Mythology. It has good themes of perseverance, loyalty, sacrifice and love.

Some hiccups I've run into with the books is that I personally feel uncomfortable saying certain phrases including fake Greek gods. It's too close to taking the Lord's name in vain, even though it has nothing to do with Him. So, I skip those few lines.

When House of Hades came out on Tuesday, we took time off from school to read... because I knew we wouldn't be able to put it down. Everything was going great surprisingly, seeing as it's a book based in Greek Mythology hell's hell. You'd think it'd be too dark and depressing, but you meet 2 wonderful characters that ultimately sacrifice everything for goodness and peace. We were emotional wrecks on those pages. We love you Bob and Damasen.

One thing that completely took me off guard was a major character being gay. I'll give you a little bit of background. Nico (the character who has a crush on another boy) has to confront Eros, the mean and cruel version of love. Eros makes him confess to be able to get something they need on their quest.

My prom date was gay, I did theater in high school, we have multiple relatives who are gay... I very easily recognize the fact that God is our only judge. God has made us all different and that's a good thing. There are some individuals who are born gay, who are born with temptations that attract them to the same gender. What's my responsibility to them? The same as it is to everyone else! TO LOVE. TO LOVE. TO LOVE. I know that we have commandments, I know that we have choice, I know that marriage is between a man and a woman. I also know that sometimes life is hard.

One of my best friends (we actually dated for a while) in life moved all over the world opening safe orphanages for children. He threw himself into a work he thought would help others, and it did. It helped hundreds of children escape a life of cruelty and deprivation. While in Africa, he came to terms that He was gay. He was a return missionary and he was struggling. He ended up trying to take his life a couple times.

I realize that I don't have all the answers. I do know that God is merciful though and loves all His children.

While this first took me off guard, I was grateful for the opportunity to pray and then have a discussion with my girls. We went by the spirit. They are young. They've been around people who are gay and we've talked about it many times. But I was grateful for another opportunity to communicate the message that we should trust God always, make good choices, and love as Christ loves.

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Jami said...

I am finding that in most modern Young Adult/Teen Fiction novels, many authors are now choosing to add a Token Gay Character. It seems to be a fad at the moment. I almost feel like the editors are making this a part of the contract. I feel exactly the same way as you concerning the Love, Love, Love. I too dated a man that later decided he was gay and I still think he is awesome. But I do find it very interesting that many of the new books I pick up from the library are adding a Gay "side kick."

twilight said...

I'll admit that it took me by surprise when I got to that part of the book, just because I was not expecting; but, I'm glad that I read first before any of my kids and I was able to have a small talk about the book before they started reading. I also agree with you and Jami about being open with yourkids and loving everyone including their gender preferences. BTW I love your blogg and ideas. Thank you!