Monday, October 21, 2013

The Prophet Joshua - A FHE

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Have children dress up and act out of the stories of Joshua while you read. Another option is to "sketch what you hear"- children draw pictures of the story you read, they have about 2-3 minutes to sketch. Often, the story of Moses outshines that of Joshua when it comes to teaching children. Moses was great. Joshua was great. There is no reason for our children to not know about Joshua. Granted, the book of Joshua has more battles and violence-maybe... there might be another family home evening!! Comparison between the 2 stories of Moses and Joshua.... but the miracles seen in these battles can strengthen testimony. We must remember we are in a great battle ourselves and the Lord will help us to fight also.

Tips for when children are reading scriptures:
Encourage fluency- remember to read smooth. Not. Like. A. Ro. Bot.

Encourage energy! We get more out of the scriptures when we read with enthusiasm
It's Ok to interrupt if there are questions!!

If you have younger children, good ways to learn this story are also scripture stories from found HERE.

Where is the Book of Joshua? Have children find it in the Old Testament. The Old Testament is the first part of the Bible. Does this mean Joshua was before or after Christ was born?

Joshua 3:5-17
Things to identify from the story:
The River Jordan
Ark of the Covenant (held the stone tablets given to Moses with the 10 commandments)
What other miracle was this like?

Joshua 6:6-16, 20
Things to identify from the story:
Ark of The Lord (the same as the Ark of the Covenant)
The Number 7 (In Hebrew the number 7 represents being "whole")
Why does the Lord help His children and perform so great of miracles for them?

Miracles in Battle:
First off, what were these battles for? (Land to live on)
What were the miracles?
Joshua 10:11
Joshua 10:12-14
Scripture Heading Joshua 12

Are promises of The Lord always fulfilled?
Joshua 21:43-45

Final advice in the story of Joshua:
Joshua 23:11
Joshua 24:15

Joshua we learn dies at age 110.

Themes repeated through the old testament story of Joshua:
Sanctify yourselves (What does Sanctify mean?)
"I the Lord am with you, be not afraid" (When have we felt The Lord in our lives give us courage?)


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