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Book of Mormon Writing Prompts, Book of Ether - Great Sabbath Day Activity!!

I have to insert a bragging moment. I have 2 wonderful little writers. They are very clever and creative. However, I've found that in order for them to grow, I have to provide additional opportunities for them to write... thanks Nevada Public Schools. And don't get me started on art...
But I digress. My sweet Christina recently won a district wide essay competition (she's 9) on the topic of Martin Luther King Jr. and how we can continue his dream. It was brilliant and I loved her analogy of Martin Luther King Jr. being quote, "a peaceful dove that soared above the chaotic lake of life".
She won a $100 scholarship and tickets to the Northern Nevada Black Cultural Awareness Society Dinner where she was honored by the Air National Guard.

I don't know whether I was more proud that she was so successful or the fact that the very first thing she said when she had learned that she won was, "So that means I'll need to pay $10 for tithing."

My little 7 year old entered the competition too and wrote a wonderful piece. She had a great ending that I had her edit. "If people would just be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, keep the commandments, and follow Jesus we'd really have a lot less problems." Next time, I won't interfere with my sweet little missionary.

Anyways, babble me bumbles the backward behemoth. I've always wanted to have writing prompts for my kiddos to do based off The Book of Mormon. I love their writing and treasure their words. I plan on doing this for all the Books in The Book in Mormon, but it will probably take awhile!! Feel free to click and paste, but please do not use for monetary gain. If you are publishing on the internet, please link back to my blog. I don't want to be a credit hog, I just want to be organized and honest.
I have a PDF file for anyone who would like, just email me... it's easier to print out.

You'll notice these are not writing prompts for beginning writers. But even young children can talk to you and you can write down their ideas for them!!!

Book of Mormon
Book of ETHER Writing Prompts
By Sofia Lykes 2014

1.   In Ether 1, a genealogy is given of the Jaredites. Make a word art poem by taking the names and connecting them like dominoes. Use at least 20 names. For example:

2.   “A land choice above all other lands of the earth” Ether 1:42. Describe what this choice land would be like for you personally.

3.   Nimrod the hunter was making a regular hunting trip, but this time….

4.   Day 284 on the barge. A journal entry while we crossed the great waters…

5.   The Brother of Jared was asked by The Lord to figure out a solution to a problem. Can you think of 2 other ideas as possibilities for light in the barges?

6.   Ether 6 – the end talks about many different kings. Some were righteous, some were not. Pick a  king and write a letter to the people, or someone in their family, from that king’s perspective/ viewpoint.
7.   Write a poem about the poisonous serpents that were sent to plague the wicked Jaredites.

8.   Write a persuasive essay on why “secret combinations” should always be destroyed. Give at least 3 good reasons. Make sure your essay is titled.

9.   In Ether 12, Moroni lists examples from the scriptures who showed faith.  List at least 4 of those examples and then add 3 more from the scriptures. Describe who they were, how they showed their faith, and what happened after.

10.        At the end of Ether, we see the destruction of the Jaredites. Part of this destruction was because of the pride and stubbornness of Jaredite leaders like Coriatumr. From his perspective, write an “I wish I would have” piece… because in Ether 15 he does have some regrets!!

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