Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Easter!!

My sweet bunny!!
Photo by Alicia Lyman
Hello all!! Just wanted to re-post some Easter ideas!!
Easter Reading Chart... you can get it HERE on scribd.com or just email me and I'll send you the pdf version.
He Is Risen Trivia Game... you can get it HERE on scribd.com or again, you can email me!
HERE is a link to see the questions better hopefully.
Also, an idea for a fun Easter Singing Time....
Easter Tree Singing Time Activity
Have child choose a numbered egg hanging from the tree. Sing a song a certain way, according to number.
Ways to Sing
1.     Sing with 2 fingers bent like bunny ears behind your head.
2.     Sing with arms out front, fingers intertwined, like you are holding a giant Easter egg
3.     Uh-oh! Spring pollen is making you sneeze! Hold your nose and sing.
4.     Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! Instead of words, sing with a cheep!
5.     Make a butterfly. Link arms with a neighbor, use the other arm to flap your wing while you sing.
6.     Hidden egg… sing loud or soft to direct friend to find an egg.
7.     Flower pointer… primary friend uses flower to point to what side of room will sing.
8.     Sing while moving your cottontail.
9.     Sing while moving a pretend basket in your hand to the rhythm of the song.
10. Have a person up front painting an Easter egg in the air with their pointer finger. Children mirror how that person paints. So if they do zigzags, so do you! If they do dots, so do you!!


amanda p. said...

LOVE the trivia game!! thanks so much for keeping this blog going :))

Amy said...

Love your cute bunny!