Friday, June 27, 2008

Friend Article: Do you want to go to Primary with me?

Do You Want to Go to Primary with Me? By Renee Harding (Based on a true story)

In the July 2008 Issue of the friend is a WONDERFUL!!! story and is as above mentioned!

For most members of primary, we want to fulfill our callings because we know of it's sacred nature. The Visiting Teaching message from June talked about the premortal life. There was a quote from Julie B. Beck, Relief Society general president: “Women have distinct assignments given to them from before the foundation of the world. …" May I suggest that for many of us, some of those assignments meant making Primary a place where children could grow in knowledge and feel of the Savior's love and spirit.

So here's a personal experience. I like I think it's an exceptional website and offers a forum for us to share ideas and insight. However, I have to limit myself there. Because often times I find posts that get me too excited or frustrated. For example, one post asked... I'm paraphrasing... how do we increase spirituality within the primary? Often times, teachers feel they aren't getting much out of primary and within our presidency we feel like we are running around too much to learn much either....

Seriously. Why doesn't Heavenly Father just send lightning from the sky and end it all now?

I commented on the post, but mildly. Here on my own blog, I feel I can give more scope and vent.

FIRST, Primary is spirituality defined. They are the ones who are perfect. They are the one's we need to become like to enter heaven. The concepts in the 2008 Sharing Time, when prayed carefully about and taught properly offer experiences as joyful and wonderful as those found in the temple.

SECOND, Primary needs positive attitudes. I hear soooooooo many women complain!!!! It's unnecessary. It does no good. Children are so perceptive and incredible. I've been in many a sharing time when you could just tell the teacher wasn't prepared or that into the lesson... and bam! The children were done too!

THIRD, Primary needs RESEARCH! Yes!! RESEARCH!! I got my degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis on Urban Education from BYU. I grew up with a mother as a school teacher, 3 aunts as school teachers... it's in my blood. May I be so bold as to suggest that everyone in primary should learn some basics of teaching children. (How to write a sharing time lesson plan, quick attention grabbers when kids drift off, proper vocabulary to use with children, etc.) Research what makes an effective learning environment!! Let teaching children become so natural to you that you never have to make comments like "our teachers aren't getting much out of sharing times."

FOURTH, AND MOST IMPORTANT!!! Primary needs workers who are willing to work and be close to the Lord. What good is any of it, if we aren't under the direction and promptings of our Heavenly Father. He is all wise. His plan is perfect. How will we be instruments in His hands? How will we make our own individual primaries places where little ones will invite friends, where friends will feel the spirit and where homes can be changed because of it.... as so beautifully written in this friend article!!!

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Stina said...

All good points. I don't really think I've ever heard a teacher ask how they could get more out of sharing time or feel the spirit. That is interesting. I liked reading what you had to say about everything. You are quite wise in your young age. You must be like a million spiritually. :)

I agree that we should all be striving to be more like the kids. I'd like to think that I come sort of close in this in their enthusiasm. I have SO much fun with the kids when it is my turn to conduct or teach sharing time. They have some crazy off the wall things to say when I'm up their and we joke and laugh...but they also come up with the most amazing insight and I'm so grateful for them. I love LOVE my calling and would love to be in it forever (yes, I'm selfish and want to claim the calling as my own. HA!).

While I'm sad I never got to go to Primary myself, I'm thrilled with this opportunity Heavenly Father has given me to serve His little one's and I strive to do my best by Him and by them each week.