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July 2008 Sharing Time Ideas

Hello! I read the article by President Packer and thought perhaps I should do some more work! While I can't commit to doing this every month (yes, I have fear of commitments... my husband was the only relationship I ever had that lasted over three months :) And here's to eternity!), I'll try to post more ideas on weeks that I don't teach. I still plan on only doing full out lesson plans for the third weekly idea. So here's to it!

As the theme this month is missionary work, here is a picture of the very good looking hubby when he served honorably in Dallas, TX English and Spanish Speaking

1. I will prepare to be a missionary by praying and reading the scriptures daily.

* Invite a couple of return missionaries (or even current missionaries in the ward/branch) in to talk about what life was like on their missions. Let the kids ask as many questions as they like and have the guests bear their testimonies (briefly) of prayer and reading the scriptures daily in another language.

* Have a world map and a bunch of missionary cut out people. For senior sharing time you could do a scripture hunt on references on prayer and scripture study. Each time they find a scripture, they can put up a missionary anywhere in the world they'd like to serve. For junior sharing time, have a list of questions based on prayer, scripture study, missionary work (E.G. 1. Who was the prophet in the Book of Mormon that prayed all the day and night until he received a testimony of Christ? Enos 2. Who was a wicked man who persecuted Christ's church and then miraculously became one of the best missionaries for Christ's church? Paul, Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah 3. Why do the prophets tell us so often to read our scriptures? It's important to do!
4. Why do you want to serve a mission? I'd make a list of about 15 questions.... better to be over prepared, but remember you don't have to squeeze everything in!!!)

* Make charts for the kids to decorate and put by their bed to encourage prayer and scripture reading.

* An opening activity could be to have a kid come up and dress up as a missionary (perhaps even just put on a missionary tag). Tell them that they are serving a mission in Greece (shout out to all my fellow greeks!) BUT THEY CAN'T EAT AT ALL OR DRINK on their mission. Ask the kid if that's OK? Does he think he'll be able to make it the two years doing that? No! That's silly! But if one doesn't pray or read his/her scriptures, missionary life would be as hard or harder than not eating or drinking! Then read John 6: 33, 35, 48, 51 (Bread of life scripture)

2. I will prepare to be a missionary by being faithful and obedient.

* Have a child dress up as a missionary, have them start somewhere where they can take ten or 15 steps to get to the door. Have the kids brainstorm 10 examples of faithful and obedient missionaries in the scriptures and in their own lives. Once they reach the door they can knock. Have someone open the door and on the other side is a picture of Christ. (make the point that when we are faithful and obedient, as friends in primary or as missionaries, it will lead us to Christ)

* I noticed in the friend magazine a little picture of a missionary they can make that expands. You could blow it up to a regular 8x10 size and have them write on his legs things they can do now to show their faith and obedience. For as we do those things, we grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

* Reader's Theatre!! Lights, camera, action... Find a fun and powerful story of a convert in the ward (Hopefully one of the kid's parents... if possible) Write a short play based on the story and end with I'm grateful for the missionary who taught me the gospel, because he/she was faithful and obedient I have happiness and joy! You can do this too!

* Have a string and a wagon picture that can move on the string. Talk about the mission of Parley P.Pratt and Oliver Cowdry to the American Indians. As you tell the story, there were times of obstacle like the terrible winter storm, Pratt was arrested on false charges, the wouldn't allow them to teach the indians because they didn't have the proper permit (have the a child come move the wagon back a little) but then because they were faithful and obedient they were 2 great missionaries and we have the gospel in our lives because of it! (have a kid move wagon forward when you talk about how Pratt ran free of the dog and warden so he wouldn't have to go to jail, how they braved the winter storm, how they taught the chiefs of the tribes anyways) For more info of the story see the Church History Religion Manuel chapter 8 or 9 ?? I think.

4. I help to bless others when I share the gospel.

* Brainstorm some really awesome gifts. If you could give anything in the world to anyone you liked, what would you give? Some answers might include a car, a pony, a dog, another sort of animal :) don't you love how they always bring up animals? a house, a watch or a diamond ring.... Then have a nicely wrapped box at the front. Have the kids come up and pull things out of the box that have to do with missionary work.( E.G. Book of Mormon, Bible, Picture of Christ, Pass along card, tithing slip-show the part with the missionary fund, a picture of the MTC, a mirror-when they live their lives righteously their good example helps to spread the gospel, a candle-read Luke 11: 33-No man, when he hath lighted a candle, putteth it in a secret place, neither under a bushel, but on a candlestick, that they which come in may see the light., etc.) Explain that while all the toys of life might be fun, the greatest gift we can give is the gospel and the blessings it brings. Also point out the greatest gift ever given was the atonement and that because of this ultimate sacrifice we can have eternal life.

* Sing If you Chance to Meet a frown... Have a child come up and hold a face that can be turned as either a smiley face or frowny face. Give them gospel sharing scenarios (E.g. Micah went to school and said a swear word. A friend overheard him and asked, are mormons supposed to swear?) and then have them decide whether that was a happy thought or sad thought. If it was a sad scenario, how could they make it happy. Give each kid a happy face sticker. (This geared more toward junior primary) Also, the story on "Benjamin's Name" in the July 2008 Friend would be good to include here.

* D&C 65: 2 - The keys of the kingdom of God are committed unto man on the earth, and from thence shall the gospel roll forth unto the ends of the earth, as the stone which is cut out of the mountain without hands shall roll forth, until it has filled the whole earth. Have the children decorate rocks to send to a ward/branch missionary. Write a letter to the missionary as a primary and have the kids share some thoughts on missionary work.


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