Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I will be reverent, dress modestly, and speak kindly to be worthy to enter the temple.

June ~4th Sunday~ Primary Sharing Time

We have a new convert in the ward that was recently called to teach sunbeams. She has the class sharing time for this Sunday and called me because she wasn't sure what to do. I wrote her the following:

Hello Sister C!

I hope I don’t freak you out. I’m sorry I’m such a scattered person and hope these ideas can help.

First of all, let me reiterate the power of prayer. I often find myself very humbled to be able to teach our little ones. For though they are small, they are the great ones. They are what we must become like to enter into heaven. ( 3 Nephi Chapter 9 Verse 22) I never plan or prepare anything without first saying prayer, asking for guidance, for the words Heavenly Father wants presented to these precious souls. I am also careful to be aware of what I’m feeling while I plan and to be open to ideas that come into my head.
Second, I highly recommend going to the temple. (She has never been) This is the Lord’s house. This is where Christ can come, this is where the spirit can be felt very strongly. It is a place of service and nothing but selfless service! It is a place of knowledge, a place to take your problems to the Lord and find answers. Of course, God will hear the prayers of all, anywhere they call upon His name… but the temple is set apart and is very special. Of course you can teach all this to the children, but to have a personal testimony is of much value.
Third, you are extremely special. You are a gifted teacher, you are humble and obviously in tune with the spirit. The spirit ultimately is what teaches, you are the instrument. The love you radiate influences my child and I’m indebted to you for securing the truths we teach within our home. So!! Whatever you choose to do, WILL BE GREAT! If you use any of these ideas or not! You are fantastic!

Your theme/idea for the lesson is: I will be reverent, dress modestly and speak kindly to be worthy to enter the temple. However, if you feel prompted to choose another idea or theme… feel free to do so!! (Hello... we want her to feel good and grow in the gospel, the more positive experiences the better. Otherwise I would never recommend straying from the Primary outline unless strongly prompted by the spirit)

I didn't want to bombard her with the formalities of a lesson plan so I just gave some basic ideas.

Reno, NV Temple
1. Have a bag full of pictures (from magazines, the internet, you own personal drawings… whatever you can find) On the chalkboard, have a picture of the temple posted and a garbage posted. As the children draw pictures from the bag, they decide whether it’s something that would help them get to the temple or is just plain garbage.
* Pictures could include a couple people dressed modestly, a picture of a mini skirt or really holey type jeans. People with talking bubbles and then in the bubbles you can write scriptures, nice words, or like “I’m not going to be your friend anymore!”. You could also have word strips in the bag too with examples… Tommy is running in the halls at church. Is this reverent? Helen is thinking about Jesus during sacrament. Is this reverent? Since it is a little harder to draw reverence… but you’re probably really talented… so whatever you think. A variation could be they could actually throw the bad ideas out in the garbage. Place the good ideas on the chalkboard by the temple. (The sunbeams can help put the pictures and phrases where they go… me or Lorna can help them at the chalkboard while you continue the discussion) Emphasize how the temple is a special place and we need to prepare to go there by doing good things in life and throwing all the bad things away in the garbage!

Toyko, Japan Temple
2. Brainstorm some things that are important to prepare to go to the temple. Have a couple pictures so they can visualize and stimulate ideas, in case they are stumped. ( A girl praying, scripture study, someone taking the sacrament reverently, someone dressed nicely, someone serving a person) Then have a copy for each child of a basic body. (like a step up from a stick figure) Ask them to draw on the person some modest clothing. The body could have a speaking bubble coming out and you could ask them to write something that is kind for them to say. Then have all the children bring their person to the temple (again it could be posted on the chalkboard) Reiterate the theme when we are reverent, dress modestly and speak kindly we prepare to be worthy to go to the temple. (The sunbeams can hold pictures during the brainstorm)
Buenos Aries, Argentina Temple
3. You could invite a couple people who attend the temple regularly to speak to the children about how to prepare to go there and take any questions the children might have. Sister H, your mother in law, Sister S are all temple workers. Feel free to ask them any questions you might have too! (This idea of sorts was in the friend magazine this month)
Ghana Temple
4. “Grungy Greg”. On a large poster board, draw a person with removable features. He could be wearing short shorts, a tank top, a gameboy in his hand, a stereo on his shoulders, shoes with a hole that his toe is poking out of. Then have pieces that can be put on him that are more fitting for him to go to the temple. Make Grungy Greg, Giddy-Up Great Greg! A suit, scriptures for his hand, nice shoes, hearts with kind words he speaks, a picture of Jesus that he remembers during church to be reverent… does this make any sense? Have the kids choose something they don’t like about him, a sunbeam can take that off… then have the kid answer a question like, why can’t you wear short shorts to the temple? Once they answer, then put up the appropriate attire.
Oakland, California Temple
5. Have about 10 pictures of different temples covered or turned so the kids can’t see at the front of the room. Divide the primary into 3 groups. (mind you we only have about 12 kids in Jr. Primary) Give them each a large poster board and ask them to draw a picture(s) of reverence, modesty and speaking kindly. Put an adult with each group. They can add words to their picture too. Tell them that when they do these things they can go to a very special place! Ask a child if they will be reverent. If they say yes, invite them quietly to the front to choose a picture and turn it around. Ask another child will you dress modestly? Invite them quietly to the front, etc. If they aren’t being quiet then they aren’t being reverent... does that prepare them to go to the temple?

Possible scriptures to include: D&C 88: 119, Hel. 4:24, Acts 3: 1-3, 8, 10,


Stina said...

Wow, you are so amazing. I just found out on Wednesday that I'm being left by myself for two Sundays and now I have to conduct and prepare two Sharing Times. Of course, everyone being sick this week hasnt allowed for a lot of time to do this. I read your post and knew exactly which idea to expand upon. You are so inspiring and spiritual and awesome.

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

I love you. You are so supportive. What would I ever do without you and this crazy blogging world that keeps us so easily in touch! I hope you are feeling better!!