Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Primary Sacrament Meeting Program Practice Tips

It's that wonderful time of year again! Every ward and branch is different. For our Primary Sacrament Meeting Practices we take 2 hours to run through our program. Lessons and sharing times are not taught.

2 hours is a long time. The question is, will it be a wonderful 2 hours or a pull-your-hair out 2 hours? YOU have the choice! Isn't that wonderful! So here are some of my personal reflections, feel free to add any insight.

1. Pray. Sincerely. Pray for the spirit. Pray for patience. Pray for love and for Our Father's Help. And anything else you can think of that you need!!

2. Organize. If you are practicing in the chapel, have little signs where each class will sit. Give teachers a seating chart to seat kids. You can have signs to hold up to tell the children what songs are next. Have your program in large font for easy reading. Have copies for your teachers, music leader and pianist. If you are in the primary room, organize it like a mock chapel.

3. Make your expectations clear. Everyone should be
  • Good listeners
  • Happy singers
  • NOT SOCCER STARS (No one needs to be kicking! It confuses people, they'd rather be looking at amazing faces and hearing your beautiful voices, not weird thumping noises.)

4. BE POSITIVE and keep the flow! If someone has done a really good job, tell them. Have the kids give each other thumbs up. Encourage good presentation (Smiles, Enthusiasm, Bold singing and Bold reading) Just keep on truckin'! Move it along!

5. Take breaks. Repeat. Take... A break... Have teachers stay with classes. Go outside. Go to the bathrooms, get water in shifts. Stretch. Wiggle. Breath.

**I have a confession. We are having apples during our break. Our Primary President gave us the go ahead, so here we crunch.**

And finally, what is the point of our Primary Program? (Ephesians 4:12, 16) Who can you invite that Sunday that would be benefited? Our Savior lives. We are children of God. Remember this when you possibly have one child snoring in the corner, another 2 girls sticking gum on their foreheads (please remember to have them throw out gum!!) and another little boy under a pew playing peek-a-boo. Honestly! It will be wonderful! You will do great, but most importantly, the children will share amazing testimony, beyond description!


Sanpeters said...

Yep - your numbers definately include me - Since I found your GREAT blog - I have checked in on Saturday or Sunday while trying to prepare for singing time. It is Thursday and I just browsed - trying to get a jump start. You have really INSPIRED me to be more prepared and more prayerful. Wow President Monson said it PERFECT! Thanks for all the great ideas and for the reminder to be better prepared - it really does pay off!!

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Sister Sanpeters- I was really going back and forth on whether I should have posted it. But you're right, President Monson says it perfect. Thank YOU for your kind words.

Andrea said...

Thanks for all your great tips! I am kind of freaking out about our program practices, but you have given me some ideas as well as some perspective.

Sofia's Primary Ideas said...

Sister Andrea- You make me smile! And I'm sure all the children and congregation will be smiling during your wonderful program!! Wish I could be there to see it!

Rosene Babb said...

Thank you for some great tips. I have just one other suggestion, we have found that over-practicing and lengthy practices have not been helpful in the past so we cut our practice length to 1 1/2 hours. It may seem like more is necessary but it all comes together during sacrament with the spirit. :-)