Saturday, June 29, 2013

Song Help “Families Can Be Together Forever” (CS, 188)

Angel Moroni Sacramento, CA temple image courtesy creative commons license by akseez 1/2009

* Build a family! As the children sing with zest and zeal let them put up one member of a family inside a home. This can be done on a poster board or you can have a small sized doll house with small dolls to put in. Also they can add a small picture of a temple framed inside the home.

* You might think this idea is crazy... and maybe it is. Pick and choose my friends. Pick. And. Choose. If you were married and sealed in the temple, choose a special singer to wear your wedding ring while you all sing. Give them a signal to find another person who is singing nicely and let that child wear the ring. Tell them that they need to treat the ring with special care because it is a symbol of your eternal family. You want to share that with them to help them remember what a special song they are singing! (I have a simple gold band I wear... which works for boys and girls. However, if you have a half pound diamond, that doesn't really work for boys, so ask the hubby or a male primary teacher to help out too)

* What is the difference between "can" and "will"? Once the children learn the words to the song tell them you have a special surprise for them. Decorate small cans (Like soup cans?) for them to take home. Tell them to fill up the CAN with ways that WILL help their family be together forever.

* Post 8 different pictures of temples. Let the children choose from the temples to see how they will sing this song. For example, you could have the Boise, ID temple. It starts with the letter B so Boys only. You could have the San Diego, CA temple. It starts with the letter S so sing softly.
You could have the Washington DC temple. It starts with the letter W so while singing wave your hands gently in the air side to side. You could have the Lima Peru temple. It starts with L so sing loudly and boldly! Etc.


Jen said...

Awesome ideas. Thanks.

The Pettit Family said...

Thank you for your blog. It is so helpful!

Hebdon's said...

Thank you for your ideas. This has taken care of a couple weeks for me.