Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An Art Project For Father's Day for Kids

I saw this art project on pinterest, but it didn't come with drawing instructions. The shapes are pretty easy though and my 6 year old, Maria, was able to do this with no problems. I did do a practice sheet with Maria on the sideways U shapes for the hand and drawing lines diagonal on the body.
The girls decorated their Super Hero Dad and Super Hero Papa with crayons and watercolors. We use water color paper (you can buy at Michael's), it's thicker and always produces better work. They drew first with permanent markers.
On the back they wrote:
My Dad, My Super Hero!
2 favorite memories with Dad or Papa (our Grandpa)
3 things they love about them
Why their dad or papa is a super hero

We laminated and I wrote dates and ages at the top.
Is this feasible for primary? No. Unless you only have 3 kids in primary, then yes. But it might be something fun to do at home if you like to encourage the artistic process in kids.

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