Monday, June 3, 2013

Breezy Singing Time Idea for Spring

Do you have a couple scrapbook paper leftovers? Do you have some hot glue?
Then you're all set.
HERE is a wonderful story from The Friend you can tell the children in your own words briefly.
Kites are so much fun! Singing is so much fun! We'll put the 2 together and let our voices soar!
Kite Wands are made of wooden skewers and diamond shaped paper. I also hot glued some of the twisty ties you get from the grocery store to make bows. Children can lead the songs up front, but remind them to sing while they lead!
Make a paper kite for a child to hold. Divide the room in half. Whichever side they float to has to sing.
Ways to Sing:
Wave arms in the breeze while singing
Whistle the song
Start on the ground and rise like a kite while singing
Reverently jog while holding on to kite string and sing (say that 10 times fast!)
Make a large kite string by linking arms with neighbor and "OOOoo" the song
Kite Volume Meter. When the kite is low, sing soft. When the kite is high, sing bold!
And don't forget to remind the children that in these windy days, we need to remember those in the Midwest who were affected by the tornadoes in our daily prayers.

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